Elevate Your Health with Wolfberry Juice

Rich in history, culture and nutritional value… the wolfberry through the ages has become legendary. Known as a miraculous fruit, the mystique of wolfberry has its roots deep in the high country of the Himalayas. Regarded as the first natural healers, the Himalayan people possessed a cherished secret—the fruit of a vine that had been flourishing in the valleys of their homeland for eons.

The healing secret of the wolfberry became readily known amongst the ancient herbalists of China, India and Tibet, as the Himalayan healers openly shared their wisdom. Those who learned from the Himalayans, in turn, took the miraculous fruit home with them and planted it in the remote valleys of their home countries.

But the secret of the nutritional benefits of wolfberry juice remained a mystery to most of the world until recently. Why? Mainly because there are only a couple of select and remote regions of the world that have ideal conditions for the wolfberry to flourish.

What are Wolfberries?

While there are over 80 species of wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) worldwide, there are certain berries that thrive in the high tranquil valleys and plateaus that are naturally protected by the Himalayan Mountains. Fertile silt deposits provide minerals and nutrient rich soil, while plenty of sunlight, fresh mountain air and ideal temperatures provide a perfect environment—creating one of the most nutrient dense food on the planet!

Wolfberry can tolerate temperatures ranging from -27°C to 39°C. The plants bloom between April and October. They are harvested from June to October depending on the location and weather conditions. When they are ready for harvesting, the oblong shaped fruit turns red and becomes juicy. The fullness, redness and sweet taste of the fruit demonstrates its best qualities.

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Health Benefits of Wolfberry Juice

Known as Goji berries in China, wolfberries have occupied an important place in traditional Asian medicine for over 5,000 years. In fact, wolfberry’s value to human health was researched in China thousands of years ago. The health benefits of wolfberry has been cited by several ancient Chinese Medica since the Tang Dynasty (1000 to 1400 AD).

Wolfberries and ginseng has been highly regarded in China for centuries as nutritional and therapeutic plants used for anti-aging and long life. In the West Elbow Plateau of Inner Mongolia people living there have a life expectancy of well over a 100 years. The wolfberry fruit is native to that area and is eaten daily by the people. What’s amazing is that it has been said that the people living there rarely suffer from arthritis, cancer and diabetes.

Although steeped in ancient tradition and mystique, the health benefits of wolfberry juice is making inroads in modern society. Popularly known as goji himalayan juice, this splendid gift from mother nature will be everlasting through the ages!

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