What Everyone Is Saying About Whole Wheat Bread Nutrition Facts

Whole wheat bread nutrition facts is healthier and more nutritious than white bread. Nutrition Facts whole wheat bread can vary from one brand to another, but even when commercially prepared whole wheat bread is good for the body.


The portion size of wholemeal bread commercially made-is marked on the nutritional label of bread by the manufacturer. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) considers a serving of whole wheat bread and a slice of bread.

Whole Wheat Bread Nutrition Facts


Those who are watching their fat intake can still enjoy whole wheat bread. While the fat content of bread may vary depending on the brand, one serving usually has only one gram of fat.


Make a sandwich using whole wheat bread adds a small amount of calories to your meal. A portion is about 69 calories.

Dietary fiber

Whole wheat bread nutrition facts is a good source of dietary fiber. A slice usually has two grams of dietary fiber, eight percent of the daily recommended value.


Whole wheat bread nutrition is really a good source of protein. A single slice often has up to four grams of protein.

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