An Estimate of White Wine Calories

Red wine calories and white wine calories, both boast of good nutrition facts value and both these types of wines contain empty calories. While red wine is made from black grapes, white wine is made from white grapes. Red wine is a result of a simple fermentation process where as in case of white wine. The grapes go into the fermentation process without stems, seeds and skins. Later yeasts are added to change the color of the end product to white. A single glass of wine calories contains around 5 ounces of wine. And a single serving of wine nutrition facts contains around 110 calories. This figure may differ with different kinds of wines.

Highest and Lowest Wine Calories

Franzia is the most popular wine in the world and Franzia wine calories read 105. The sodium and total carb content in Franzia is 10 mg and 5 g respectively. However there are certain wines that are not all that healthy and while these wines might taste good, people with health problems should totally avoid them. Chokovine wine calories is among such wines that ride high on calorie content. Chokovine wine calories in a single serving go up to 256 calories and the total fat content in Chokovine is 6.7 g (which includes 3.8 g of saturated fats). The total carbohydrate and protein content in Chokovine is 39 and 2.6 g respectively.

Unlike Chokovine, Barefoot Riesling is the lowest calorie wine and a single serving contains only 24 g of calories. Because of the low Barefoot wine calories, the wine is well suite for people who are looking to avoid foods rich in calories and fats. The wine is a popular one and sipping on a glass of Barefoot wine with dinner on a good rainy night would do you no harm whatsoever.

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Wine Calories Content of Other Popular Wines

Other popular wines like Mosell, Chianti and Pink Champagne have 100 calories per serving. Lighter wines like Sauvignon blanc and White Zinfadel wine calories contain around 80 calories per glass.  Moscato wine calories and Madeira wine calories boast of the same figure. Which is 160 per serving. Joining the high-calorie range are wines like Tokay and Ruby Port that go up to 160 and 180 respectively.

If you go through a beer vs wine calories comparison chart. You would find that white wines with low calories are better than any beer available in the markets. 12 ounces of beer calories would contain around 200 calories. But then it should be note that beers calories contain no empty calories. Some white wine calories might boast of a heavy figure but then these are empty calories.