Whiskey Nutrition Facts

Today, drink alcohol becomes the common habit for some people. Whiskey is a kind of alcoholic drink that becomes certain people’s favorite. It is made of grain mash, such as maize, barley, rye, or others which are fermented using pure standard distillation. Even though whiskey includes as an alcoholic beverage, you need to know that it contains nutrition as well. If you are alcoholic, knowing about whiskey nutrition facts is an important thing to manage your health, especially when you are on a diet. Here are some whiskey nutrition facts that you need to know.

Things about Whiskey Nutrition Facts

When speaking about whiskey nutrition facts, actually each whiskey has different nutrition based on its brand. Whiskey does not have much nutrition unlike healthy drink such as milk, yogurt, and others. But it contains many calories, and few of carbohydrate, and potassium. For every one fl oz of serving size without ice, whiskey contains about 70 calories with 0 g fat. Besides, with the same serving size, it consists of about 0.03 gram of carbohydrate and 1 mg of potassium.

Besides has the low level of carbohydrate, Whisky is very low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol as well. Because it is made of organic ingredients, whiskey is wealthy with ellagic acid as well. This ellagic acid has antioxidant that is good for skin and body health by fighting the free radicals.

Due to its calories, just like other alcoholic beverage, many scientists relate it to weight gain drink. Several types of research found that it can increase the ratio of waist-to-hip. However, some people do not find any relation at all, even some of them lose their weight by consuming alcohol. Besides weight loss, some studies found whiskey also can help you reducing Alzheimer’s disease, blood clotting, and dementia. Even, whiskey also can protect your heart from the heart attack. A regular consumption of whiskey can reduce heart attack about 50%. Also, the ellagic acid can help you prevent your body from cancer as well.

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