What Is Tamanu Ooil And It’s Benefits

‘The green gold’ or Tamanu Oil, popularly used for skin care purposes, lacks nothing behind to prove that it’s worth our beloved skin.

What exactly is Tamanu Oil?

Pressed from nuts of tropical trees of the Calophyllaceae family, the oil has cultural, medicinal and skin care values. Often used as a fuel or hair grease, the green gold has made it’s place in the world of variety and options! Apart from the oil, the Tamanu tree has supplied other properties as well, that provided medicinal value, over a long course, in parts of Asian, African and Pacific Island cultures.

With science, stories and support the oil received throughout generations, it goes with no doubt that the green seeded gel, is a good to go for a nourished skin care.

Benefits Of  Tamanu Oil

Ranging from beauty to health benefits, the green healer is backed by facts proving it’s essence –

  1. Tamanu Oil contains chemical compounds like Oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid
    that easily beats off much of the stress and dirt sitting on the skin or hair.
  2. Other than the body care, Tamanu oil works on the nerves as well. It is known to have therapeuticproperties that addresses sore throats through massage or aromatherapy.
  3. The antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties (calophyllolide- a substance possessing anti-inflammatory properties and delta-tocotrienol- a form of vitamin E) oil also deals in healing/repairing of any scar or wounds.
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The easy nature of tamanu oil goes from wound healing, to skin+hair care and improvement, therapeutic and medicinal value. No benefit can’t overshadow the one thing that it loudly leads with – skin care. With skin care covering scars, acnes, stretch marks, irritation, redness, dryness, wrinkles, dark spots, and the like sounds of skinly unpleasure, Tamanu oil comes in with it’s reliable uses.


The oil has been studied to conclude that it exhibits high anti-bacterial activity that fights off acne. The OMEGA-6 contained in the oil, not just soothes the acne but keeps it from the skin even in the future.


With the paced wound healing activity, tamanu oil is said to promote the healing of burns, blisters, cuts, and scrapes. Some people also use tamanu oil to soothe insect bites.


The oil riched deep in fatty acids like (palmatic, stearic and oleic acids) keeps the skin moisturised, or even are used for anti-aging purposes, as it helps slow the look of aging by sustaining skin elasticity and softness.


Furthermore, Tamanu oil is also used for/in other quick or reliable situations –

  • Using as a makeup primer to allow cosmetics to last longer on the skin.
  • Applying as a facial mask to reveal healthier skin that looks and feel lighter and softer.
  • Directly applying to the face to diminish acne marks, scars, age spots, fine lines or wrinkles.
  • Used medicinally to reduce scaly skin, body odor, fungal infections, rashes, sores, swellings, sunburns,ichiness, foot odor or ulcers.
  • Ideal for use in massage oil to relieve several types of body pain. It is also reputed to soothe Athlete’sfoot, scrapes, cuts, sore or insect bites.
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Used for centuries to treat or deal with many common and even difficult skin conditions, Tamanu oil has proved it’s reliability as a companion of skincare. The oil hence, lacks no place behind to improve the medicinal, skin care, hair care, cultural and therapeutic means of self-love and improvement!