What Everyone Is Saying About Strawberry Nutrition

Strawberries are an amazing fruit, and strawberry nutrition is something that you should take note of. When we think of strawberries all too often what comes to mind is the summer snacks, fruit desserts or sliced up in our morning cereal. These are great things, and strawberries go with every one of them. Strawberry nutrition is not generally the first thing to come to mind.

What Everyone  Is Saying  About  Strawberry Nutrition

So we all know strawberries are delicious, and as it relates to strawberry nutrition facts, it takes 152 grams to equal a serving , or you could say 5.36 ounces if you are more familiar with that. And what do we get in that? Well for one its 49 calories. So that is a good start. Then there is the vitamin C, Strawberry nutrition offers 149% of your daily vitamin C. That is more vitamin C per bite then oranges.

Those are the highlights of strawberry nutrition but it does not stop there with these little power houses. They are low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat. This puts strawberry nutrition as something that can be included in many diets. Also strawberry nutrition is a good source of folate and potassium, as well as Manganese and at 3 grams of fiber, a very good source for that as well.

When it comes to strawberry nutrition you can break it down even further. Instead of doing that though lets look at some other reasons strawberry nutrition is something you want to strongly consider adding to your diet.

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One thing that really stands out about strawberry nutrition is the antioxidant compounds found within strawberries. These are a combination of things found in strawberries that all work in harmony with each other to give your body the antioxidant effect that helps. So vitamin C, ellagic acid and flovonids all working as part of the strawberry nutrition, taking out the toxins from within the body.

Health Benefits of Strawberry

One of the benefits to the high levels of antioxidants taken in with strawberry nutrition is the anti-inflammatory effects. This effect of strawberry nutrition can help in cases of athirst or cardiovascular disease, is that great news or what? Something that tastes good is actually good for us.

The deeper you look in to strawberry nutrition the more you find. Anti-Cancer research has already been very vocal about eating more fruits and vegetables. Some of the properties found in a strawberry nutrition suggest that these are great to add to a diet that has keeping cancer away as part of the goal. Anything we can do to keep cancer away, is a good thing. Whether or not we have to stop using “it”, or add “it” to our diets, cancer is serious enough to consider changes of what we do day to day.

So if strawberry nutrition still needs more attention, consider this. Not only has there been a lot of research done as to how strawberries can help against cancer. Strawberry nutrition might also help in heart health, stronger bones, help against sore knees, lower LDL cholesterol. Really the list goes on, so why would anyone not want to add strawberry nutrition to your diet? They taste great, go with many things including health, and help keep the body healthy.

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