How Watermelon Nutrition Facts Made Me a Better Person

There are some watermelon nutrition facts and health benefits which is likely make you want to have it as part of your daily menu. The rich nutrition of watermelon also makes this fruit one of must eaten fruits for it has some amazing effect to your body.

Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Watermelon Nutrition Facts

This fruit has more that a lot of water that will re-hydrated your body quickly. It has a lot of watermelon nutrition facts that may get you surprised. Let’s say you take 280 gram of watermelon. From this 280 gram indeed you will likely to consume about 85 calories. At the same time you also fulfill your daily vitamins need. This fruit contain vitamin which supplies 31% of vitamin A, 37% of vitamin C, and 5% of vitamin B-6. It also gives you calcium and magnesium which fulfill 3% of your mineral needs. Just like banana, watermelon nutrition facts also has high content if potassium. It is around 314 mg which fulfill 8% of your daily potassium needs.

For it also has about 7 mg of sugar fruit and water, watermelon is a good fruit to keep you energized. In fact the potassium in watermelon nutrition facts will affect your mood. It gets you a better mood and balance your blood pressure. It is recommended to consume some watermelon nutrition facts to lower your blood pressure. Besides this watermelon nutrition facts you also have to know more about this amazing fruit.

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Amazing Watermelon Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Besides the watermelon nutrition facts, you will absolutely put this fruit on your daily menu after knowing these following nutrition facts.

Watermelon Nutrition Facts is a great anti-carcinogen

We commonly know that raw tomatoes has high lycopene content which help your body preventing cancer. The lycopene is an anti-carcinogen. An active agent which support your body to destroy any cancer cell. In fact for the same amount of watermelons and tomatoes, watermelon nutrition facts has 1.5 time more lycopene than raw tomatoes. According to USDA a slice of watermelon has 6 milligrams of lycopene while a raw tomatoes has around 4 milligrams.

Watermelon Nutrition Facts juice is a natural electrolyte drink

According the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in Spain suggests that you need to consume around 16 ounces of water melon before exercise to lesser muscle soreness and lower your heart rate. The mineral and vitamin contents in watermelon nutrition facts will help balancing your metabolism. To give an instance effect you can drink a glass of watermelon juice without sugar to get refreshed and re-hydrated. At the same time watermelon’s 95% contents is water. It makes this fruit the best fruit to re-hydrated your body.

After knowing the watermelon nutrition facts and its other amazing nutrition facts you have to consider watermelon on your daily menu. It has no fat content and has low calories contents you don’t have to worry about your diet. At the same time you can combine watermelon nutrition facts with other fruits like apple, honeydew and pineapple to make tropical fruit salads.