How Hollywood Got Watermelon Facts All Wrong

There are many interesting watermelon facts that people does not know. Watermelon is favorite fruit of the Americans and people residing there are devoid of this particular fruit. It has many health benefits and is prescribed by nutritionists too. It is fat free and also comprises of low calories, which make this fruit ideal to be taken by any person. Watermelons grow on fertilized sand, in rows with a distance of 10 feet from each other. It generally requires high rise beds for its cultivation.

Watermelon Facts : Its Rich With Sugar and Water

The tiny watermelons are planted and given ample time for their growth. Watermelon is considered as a fruit consisting of lots of sugar and water. It is a popular summer fruit. With lots of research about watermelon facts, it has been found out that watermelon nutrition facts have lots of nutritional value. It turns out to be very healthy. People should be aware of these watermelon facts. They must contain yellow spot at the bottom, which touches the ground. They must not contain any side branches. If you tap a watermelon, then you can hear dull sound. Watermelon is not to be confuse as a fruit as it is a vegetable.

Watermelon Facts That Will Surprise You

Let me list out some of the watermelon facts that will surprise you. Watermelon comprise of 92% water and 8% sugar. In today’s world, watermelon’s largest producer is China. African slaves were used by Americans to bring the watermelon across the Atlantic Ocean. Earlier, watermelon was used as a canteen by explorers because of its 92% water content. Each and every part of watermelon is consumable including the seeds.

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Watermelon Facts Are One Of Healthy Diet Foods

Watermelons facts are considered as one of the sources for a healthy diet. They do not contain fat or cholesterol and full fibrous content. It provides potassium to our body and contains essential vitamins A and C. 1200 varieties of watermelons are grown all over the world. Watermelons are so delicate that they cannot be harvested with machine aid. Instead, they are carefully harvested by workers on a path that runs between the fields and the truck. Earlier it was use as canteens.

Watermelon Facts Protect Our Cells From Radical Damages

To protect the cells from radical damage, carotenoids are present in watermelons to serve as an antioxidant. Vitamin B6 present in watermelon helps to produce antibodies helps our immune system. In addition, Vitamin B6 is also maintaining nerve functioning and produces red blood cells. It break-down protein easily. So, if you take in more protein, then you must consume more vitamin B6. Always try to add watermelon in your diet menu.

Another Health Benefits of Watermelon Facts

Watermelon facts do not end here. You should consume watermelons if you are suffering from any disease. It also helps to remove the inflammation that causes asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis. Arginine increases nitric oxide in our body. It stretches blood vessels. This is the basic effect of Viagra obtained from the men, who were able to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction and even prevent it. However, watermelon can be use instead of Viagra as it does not hamper your health. Citrulline, which generally reacts with the enzyme of our body, is found in watermelon’s flesh.

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However, if the watermelon is take in huge quantity, then it converts to arginine. It helps to keep our heart healthy and stretches our blood vessels. Watermelons are grow throughout all tropical environments; yet they are at their best during summer. You must try to buy original ones. You must try to select the good ones. It should not contain any cuts and bruises. The surface must not be dull. Keep it in cool and well ventilated places. Watermelon facts are very essential to know for every person