Watercress Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Being a dark leafy vegetable, watercress is rich in minerals and vitamins. They are not only used as a type of foods, but also a miracle medicine. In watercress nutrition, you can find a huge amount of important nutrients, notably vitamin A, C, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, etc. Below is some elemental knowledge about watercress nutrition facts you may not know:

Boosting Bone Health – Watercress Nutrition Facts

One of the first benefits of watercress you can get is healthy bone. It has been proven that the high content of calcium present in watercress is beneficial to lower the risk of osteoporosis. This mineral is essential for bone formation and growth. Therefore, many people, especially the old will be benefited a lot by this awesome vegetable. In addition, watercress is packed with folate, which contributes to interacting nutrient to keep the bone density. Women during post-menopausal period will appreciate watercress because it helps eliminate the chance of bone loss and osteoporosis.

Fighting Diabetes – Watercress Nutrition Facts

You are diabetic and you are looking for some natural way to fix your issue? Don’t worry because watercress is an ideal choice for you. In watercress nutrition, there is a huge amount of antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid, which is capable of reducing glucose levels, raising insulin count as well as prohibiting oxidative stress-induced changes. Furthermore, alpha-lipoic acid has been proven to be able to lower peripheral neuropathy. All those factors contribute to combat diabetes.

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Treating Cough – Watercress Nutrition Facts

If you often get cough in cold weather, you should add watercress to your daily diet. Because it can provide you with an enormous amount of sulphur glycosides, which are excellent in changing bronchial secretions and exerting an expectorant effect. This subsequently reduces the potentials of cough and even many types of bronchitis in the long run.

Comprehensive Profile of Vitamin C – Watercress Nutrition Facts

In watercress nutrition facts, you can find a potent vitamin C content. This vitamin is a strong antioxidant, with the ability to prevent and treat many types of diseases and conditions. According to many researchers, those who are supplied with enough vitamin C have strong immunity, well-performed brain and seldom get common colds or flu.
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Supporting Digestive System – Watercress Nutrition Facts

Another excellence among various health benefits of watercress is for your digestion. The high density of chlorophyll found in watercress leaves provides you some powerful enzymes supporting digestive activities. However, bear in mind that it’s better to eat raw watercress rather than cooked ones because those enzymes are very easily destroyed when cooked.

Rich in Folate – Watercress Nutrition Facts

Watercress health benefits lies in its richness in folate. This nutrient takes part in eliminating birth defects as well as boosting overall health. An adequate consumption of folate-rich foods gives you a good protection from various health issues, notably stroke, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, depression, cognitive decline, osteoporosis, etc. Thus, don’t forget to add this miracle vegetable to your daily diet to increase have a healthy body and mind.

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Enhancing Vision – Watercress Nutrition Facts

Last but not least, watercress is helpful in preserving your eyesight. A proper intake of this vegetable is necessary to lower the possibility of macular degeneration. It is due to the high concentrations of carotenoids, including zeaxanthin and lutein.

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