Why Mom Was Right About Waffle House Nutrition Facts

Waffle House is an iconic example of the old greasy spoon restaurants of days gone by. Popular with locals and long distance travelers, the small restaurant with the diner-style tables and counter, and the recognizable yellow sign hasn’t always been the epitome of healthy eating. An awareness of Waffle House Nutrition Facts Information can help you make wise meal choices instead of filling up on artery-clogging fare.

Although Waffle House started out in 1955 as a restaurant chain specializing in waffles and other breakfast dishes, a raised consumer conscience of Waffle House nutrition facts information has encouraged the restaurant to offer healthier choices, too.

Waffle House Nutrition Facts

Cooking Methods on Waffle House Nutrition Facts

Most of the foods on the Waffle House menu are cook in fat or oil. The Waffle House nutrition facts information on these meals shows significant amounts of cholesterol, sugar, calories and sodium. If you’re eating breakfast at the Waffle House ask for boiled or poached eggs with your breakfast, instead of scrambled for fried. Pass on the fried hash browns and eat grits instead, which also provide your body with fiber.

Lighter Choices Menu on Waffle House Nutrition Facts

The Waffle House nutrition facts information available on their Lighter Choices menu shows fewer calories for foods served in smaller portions and cooked with less-fatty methods. Enjoy a salad, wrap or grilled chicken sandwich for a lot less calories than the fried counterparts. Ask for dressings and condiments on the side and use them sparingly. Based on Waffle House nutrition facts menu information Waffle House dollar menu also offers smaller-sized portions containing fewer calories.

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Downsize Your Meal on Waffle House Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts information in many Waffle House menu items shows that many of the meal choices. Contain excessive amounts of calories from fat and carbohydrates. Instead of choosing a three-egg meal, select a breakfast with two eggs to reduce cholesterol. Choose a meal with protein on Waffle House nutrition facts, instead of just waffles for longer-lasting fullness.

According to Waffle House nutrition facts don’t allow yourself to be tempted by meals fit for a lumberjack. Unless you are a lumberjack. Large meal choices with heaping portions contain more calories than most people require for the whole day. Based on Waffle House nutrition facts pick a few items off the dollar menu to save money and calories.

Conclusion About Waffle House Nutrition Facts

A long or short road trip with family and friends should involve fun times and help you enjoy the journey. If Waffle House is part of your road trip tradition, use this Waffle House nutrition facts information. To help you choose wisely for a meal that will satisfy and energize you, instead of leaving you. With that uncomfortable full feeling and the after effects of eating food that contains too much sodium and fat.