Waffle House Waffle Calories Facts

Waffle House Waffle Calories are various depending on the serving ordered by the customers. For those of you who are in the process of dieting or shedding some weights, paying close attention to the calories is a must. You have to try so hard resisting the delight of Waffle House Waffle, but here is the calories fact you have to know.

Waffle House Waffle Calories Facts of Favorite Menu

In the morning before you start the day, your body needs a lot of energy to function better as a complex human body configuration. Therefore, the more Waffle House Waffle Calories you have, the better.

  • Cheese Steak Omelet is a serving of 3 eggs and a steak with a pour of cheese on top. The calories of this menu are 603cal, which an appropriate amount for a morning meal.
  • The average American meal for breakfast is the “3 Eggs, Grits, and Toast” which serves 610cal.
  • A simple “3 Eggs and Toast” will cost you a 410cal, while a “Ham and Cheese Omelet” is equal to 662cal.

The average adult is okay to consume below 1000 cal per day, although if you want to make sure, you can contact your personal dietician because every person has different serving size. Then, in the afternoon in between your lunch break, there is the menu which you can consume such as:

  • Side Salad with Italian Dressing with only 35cal or a little heavier like 106.7cal steamed hash browns or the 230cal smothered hash browns.
  • The Buttermilk waffle and the chocolate chip waffle will give you around 350cal per serving.
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Waffle House Waffle Calories provide proper meals for everyone, those who are on a diet or not, some calories is safe to consume for daily serving. The calories range from the lowest of 35cal to the highest of 1030cal which are the Pork Chop Breakfast that contains 2 Eggs, 2 Pork Chops, Plain Hash browns, and Wheat Toast.

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