Waffle House Nutritional Facts

Today, people more likely to consume junk food rather than having homemade food. Besides, it is delicious, consuming junk food also does not need much time and energy to make it. Waffle House is a famous junk food restaurant that serves about many kinds of foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not only famous for its yummy food, you truly will get comfortable and unique dining experience from this restaurant. Waffle House offers lots of menus for breakfast and lunch or dinner such as waffles, sandwiches, hash browns, salads, and others. Because it includes as junk food restaurants, guess it is better for you to know about Waffle House Nutritional Facts to manage your health, especially when you are on a diet.

Things You Need to Know about Waffle House Nutritional Facts

When it comes to waffle house nutritional facts, it means talking about its calories, carbs, fat, protein, and others. Waffle House has two different menus; for breakfast and lunch/dinner. On its breakfast menu, Waffle House serves variants of foods like waffle, hashbrowns, steak, equipped with eggs and cheese. The waffle menu is divided into two: regular waffle and pecan waffle. The regular waffle has 317 kcal with 6.0g of protein, and pecan waffle has 540 kcal and 10.5g of protein. You can choose the toppings like blueberry, strawberry, peanut butter, or chocolate chips with 100 to 150 calories

Moreover, on its eggs menus, Waffle serves cheese & eggs, Texas bacon, and steak & eggs with about 213 to 830 kcal. The hashbrowns menu is divided into three options; regular (190 cals), large (380 cals), and triple (580 cals). For hashbrowns you can choose the toppings with Grilled Tomatoes, Peppered Jalapenos, Smothered Onions, Capped Grilled Mushrooms, Melted Cheese, Smoked Ham, Country Sausage, and Berth’s Chili.

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Otherwise, for the lunch/dinner menu, Waffle House Nutritional Facts of the lunch menu is quite similar. Waffle offers sandwiches, steak, salads, and hashbrowns. If you are on a diet and avoiding many calories, salads can be the perfect choice with about 5 to 10g of fat and 120 to 560kcal. But, if you like to gain more weight, you can consume its bacon or T-Bone steak with more than 600 kcal.

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