3 Waffle House Nutrition Menu For Your Diet Sake

Waffle House is the most popular restaurant since 1955. Moreover, it also has already more than 2,100 locations in the United States. Some of you might be like to eat in here. From breakfast to dinner, you can eat your meal here every time. However, it might be a problem if you are on diet program since you have to calculate all of supply per day. From now, you can get the information easily about the nutrition of every meal that served in Waffle House. If you want to know Waffle House food menu, you can just check some reviewers or here are some menu information.

3 Waffle House Nutrition Menu For Your Diet Sake

Waffle House Bacon

For bacon menu, Waffle House has two most favorite bacon which are one slice bacon and three slice bacon. Each of served has different nutrition. For the first, one slice bacon has 43kcal as calories, 3 gram of fat, 0 gram of carbs, and 2-gram protein. Meanwhile, for three slice bacon contain 103kacl, 8-gram fat, 0-gram carbs, and 7-gram protein.

Waffle House Breakfast Items

The next favorite item in Waffle House is breakfast items. You can also know about Waffle House nutrition menu. There are two most favorite which are grits and sausage egg with cheese wrap. For grits, it served in a bowl which contains 200kcal of calories, 5-gram fat, 52-gram carbs, and 6-gram protein. On the other hand, a wrap of sausage egg with cheese wrap contains 630kcal of calories, 31-gram fat, 26-gram carbs, and 30-gram protein.

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Waffle House Waffle

For Waffle House nutrition menu of waffle, it has pecan waffle as the most favorite one. Per 7 inch of pecan waffle, it contains 450kcal of calories, 29-gram fat, 40-gram carbs, and 11 grams of protein.

Those are the facts and nutrition menu that you should know about Waffle House nutrition menu.

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