Vodka Nutritional Information and Facts

Vodka is a famous drink brand that almost everyone is already familiar with. Vodka is a premium distilled ethanol and water that mostly does not have the taste. There are other that been given flavor but Vodka is initially tasteless. Vodka is among alcoholic beverage. Vodka is also often used for people who are in shock or fainted to regain their consciousness. To know about the Vodka nutritional information, let’s check this out.

How Many Calories Are in Vodka?

Vodka, even though it is mostly tasteless, still contains some calories from the composition it made. According to, milliliter. Vodka or Vodka pub it contains 72 calories for each 100 grams of Vodka. The rest of nutrition information Vodka has, it is void of any content such as protein, carbohydrates, or fat. The only substance that is not void is the alcohol level of Vodka, which has 10.4 scores per 100 grams of Vodka. It is most likely because Vodka is made up of ethanol alone. However, this voidness is actually why many people like to drink Vodka instead of other alcoholic beverages.

Does Flavoured Vodka have More Calories?

For those who are on low carb diet, Vodka is an ideal alcoholic beverage as it contains zero carbohydrates as stated above with little calories. But it is applied only for the original non-infused Vodka. Flavoured Vodka may increase in calorie if the flavor is sugar infused, therefore, look up the nutritional information Vodka with the certain character to know whether it has grown calories or not. For natural infused flavor like fruit or mint flavored may not give additional calories, so it’s better to choose the natural flavor instead if you don’t prefer the plain one. Even though Vodka is an excellent choice for the diet program, still it is better to eat first before drinking it since body still needs some carbohydrate, for diet, it’s just lowering it and not making the body void of it.

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