Vodka Nutritional Facts and the Benefits

Vodka is a popular drink that consists of ethanol and water. Vodka is a kind of drink that can be found in the bar and served in the Restaurant. It is produced by the distillation of every plant that includes grains such as rye, corn, and ingredients such as soybeans, potatoes, and grapes. It’s not surprising that there are people that say beer is good for your health. If you are wondering about what nutrition that is in this drink, this article would be about vodka nutritional facts, and also some benefits of it.

Vodka nutritional facts

Vodka belongs to Carbohydrate (100%) in calorie breakdown. There are 64 calories in 1 fluid ounce of Vodka without ice which makes it is 3% of RDI based on RDI of 2000 calories. For additional information, the usual service-size of vodka contains 97 cals and 100 cal that make it 231 cals. Vodka contains 28 g alcoholic beverage, such as rum, gin, and whiskey.

Benefits of vodka

Vodka helps reduce stress. Alcoholic drinks may have a better relaxation effect for people. Makes sleep comfortable and has a calming effect on the brain. It also relieves a toothache by letting some vodka absorb the gums; this can help reduce pain in the infected area. Vodka is mix with cinnamon in particular amounts as an effective mouthwash and healing bad breath. Vodka has been found to be very useful and included in various beauty botanical items such as cleansers and anti-acne products. Vodka also grows healthy hair by cleansing the scalp and removes toxins from the hair.

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That is all about vodka nutritional facts, and also some benefits of it. Alcoholic drinks are often believe as unhealthy beverages. But, if you drink in a proper amount, it will be such a healthy drink, because the damage caused by alcohol depends on the amount consumed.

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