A Vodka Nutrition Info Only Calories Counted

When you are on diet program, but you are too addicted to alcohol, it must be a big deal. There is a way that still makes you happy on diet program without left your alcohol drink. Vodka is the lowest calorie among the alcoholic beverages. It will be the best choice and safer one if you are on diet program. Compared to beer and wine, Vodka has lower calorie. So, how to know vodka nutrition info? Vodka only contains water and ethanol. It means that there is not too much nutritional value on vodkas since there are no minerals, fat, sodium, vitamins, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and even carbs. All calories of vodka are from the alcohol itself.

The Higher Proof of Vodka Nutrition Info, The Higher Calories

Since vodka only contains water and ethanol, it will be easier to count its calorie based on its evidence. Proof in vodka is a number of the percent of alcohol in liquor. To know vodka nutrition info, you can check it based on the proof. Moreover, you can also figure out on how percent alcohol in vodka from its proof by dividing into a half. If the evidence of particular vodka is 100 so that it contains 50% alcohol.

After that, you have to know the vodka nutrition info so that it will not be a big deal for your diet program. As we know that we can count the calorie of vodka based on its proof. For the first, if a vodka has 70 proof, it means that it has 85 calories. Second, a vodka with 80 proof has 96 calories. Thirdly, if there is a vodka with 90 proof so that it has 110 calories. For the last, 100 proof vodka contains 124 calories. It means that the higher proof of vodka is, the higher calories will be.

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