Spock Would Say About Vegetable Nutrition Facts

Many people think the must turn to meat to get their protein. Today we would like to explore some of the vegetable nutrition facts out there that are high on protein. We will address these subjects mainly:

  • Why we need protein
  • Meat protein dangers (antibiotics, digestion system poisoning, and even bad breath)

By covering these three main subjects in a straight-forward easy to understand way. We hope you will receive the necessary knowledge to make a conscious choice for your health and well-being. There is a whole lot to say about these vegetable nutrition facts subjects, and weight lifting becoming the old-”new-wave” fashion.

More and more information is being produced and share over the web. Reading some of vegetable nutrition facts makes me worry about the health of web-users. As they might be exposed to some really bad advice coming out of the mouths of people with good intentions yet insufficient knowledge. By writing this article about vegetable nutrition facts we aim at tying some loose ends, and helping you keep healthy and safe.

Vegetable Nutrition Facts : Why eat protein?

Protein in vegetable nutrition facts is the material that structures our body. Much like bricks will build a house, our body needs its building materials. The big difference is, that a house will not synthesize its own building blocks, yet our body does. We are What We Eat, but with a twist. We take the materials from our food, and turn it into what we need.

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There are many reasons why we need high protein vegetable nutrition facts in our diet, but building and repairing our cells is the most important one. Some forms of essential elements can be synthesize by the body itself, from different foods we eat.

For example – Vitamin D (which helps us in building bones, and fight osteoporosis). Which our body created as a reaction to sun exposure. Others, which are necessary for good health. Must be taken in from an outer source – Food or Drink. These are essential, cannot be manufactured by our body, and vegetable nutrition facts protein is one of them, in many shapes and forms it may come.

Vegetable Nutrition Facts : Meat protein danger

While Protein is essential to our health, The last thing we will tell you here on vegetable nutrition is to eat meat. While meat is super-rich in protein, it is also very dangerous to our body, in ways we cannot even begin to describe, Yet I will give it a shot.

Antibiotics. The meat industry is, as we just said – An Industry. And as such, it is not people oriented, but Money oriented. Much like most of the goods like vegetable nutrition facts we have on the market today. Meat is not made by the best parts available out there than vegetable nutrition facts, but from the cheapest possible, to maximize profit. There forת the stock eats cheap food, and is treat with extreme quantities of antibiotics. (This subject goes SO deeper then the antibiotics. But this should be enough for the common understanding of the dangers in today’s meat). What that means is WHEN WE EAT MEAT, WE TAKE ANTIBIOTICS. That is simply dangerous than consume vegetable nutrition facts.

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Meat takes a long time to digest. Because of that, all the poisons that it comes with sits in the stomach and digestion system for a long time. And being absorbed by our body. But, that is not all! Because it sits there, it ferments, and it creates new poisons within the system. In fact, some people are so sensitive to it. That a good Chinese doctor, or even a herbalist, can spot a meat-eater just by looking at his face or eyes. The situation of the intestines is easily spot to the train eyes in many features of the face, body, eyes and tongue. Be it heavy eyes, little spots on specific areas of the skin, red-lines in specific areas of the eye, zits, etc.

Vegetable Nutrition Facts : Bad Breath

Bad Breath. Many people walk around with bad breath, trying to fight it off with different cleansing materials like vegetable nutrition facts, that usually cause more harm than well. To most of us, in the modern world, it is unfortunately the result of an acidic stomach. This is due to the consumption of Caffeine, with milk, and meat (not all together, but sometimes even that happens – A big steak, followed by coffee with cream.. Sounds familiar?). You can compare it with vegetable nutrition facts effects.

The bad breath, much like pain, or any other discomfort, is a way for our body to alarm us – “Something is wrong! Change.”. To pain, we listen, and usually adopt. Bad breath sometime goes unnoticed by us, as our senses are being bombarded with so much information in this modern world. That they get dull and don’t alert us of “small” things. That doesn’t come with bells and whistles. Are you suffering from bad breath? seriously consider to check your nutrition for bad breath healing, and your PH levels. Just ask a doctor and start to eat vegetable nutrition facts.

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We could have easily chose other issues that eating meat might cause us, but as the list is so long. We chose a few that we felt would touch as many readers as possible. As our goal here in is to help as many a possible get the right knowledge about vegetable nutrition facts. But, where should we all get our protein if not from Meat??