Vegetable Calories

Vegetables are certainly suitable for daily consumption. Besides it is rich in health nutrition, vegetables also have the low calories. Talking about Vegetable Calories, all of the vegetables normally have little calories. However, some also have the high calories. To control your health, knowing about Vegetable Calories is such an important thing. Here we provide some information about which are the low vegetable calories and the high ones.

Low Vegetable Calories


Broccoli is one of the green vegetables with fewer calories which is about 31 calories in each cup. Besides, it also has the great source of fiber, vitamin C, and protein.


Mushroom often used for a healthy diet for replacing meat due to its chewy texture. It has low calories which are about 15 calories in every 70 grams.


Kale is trusted as one of the healthiest food over the world due to its great nutrition. Kale contains 33 calories in each cup of 67 g.


This vegetable becomes one of the lowest calories vegetables. It only contains four calories in each cup or 34 g.


Lettuce becomes the daily consuming vegetable of some people. It commonly used in salad, burger, and others. It has only ten calories in 72 g.

High Vegetable Calories

Just like what has been discussed before, not all vegetables have low calories; there are some high Vegetable Calories as well.

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Who does not like the potato? Almost all people like the potato. Potato certainly becomes a delicious vegetable which can be easily combined and cooked. The common potato has 116 calories, and the sweet potato has 114 calories. Moreover, the mashed potato can increase its calories until 250 cals, and also baked sweet potato which has 180 cals.

Green peas

Though it includes as green vegetables, unlike spinach or green broccoli peas has high calories. It has about 177 calories in each cup serving.

Yellow Sweet Corn

Sweet corn also becomes people favorite vegetables. But, be careful due to its high calories. For each cup serving, yellow sweet corn has about 132 calories. It is higher than potato.


Yam includes as high calories vegetables as well. It has higher calories than sweet corn which is about 177 calories per cup.


Another thing that has high calories is parsnip. It has about 100 calories in each cup.

More About Vegetable Calories