Tuna Calories: Why Tuna Fish Is Good for Your Health

Tuna calories are relatively lower compared to other fish products. To give you an idea, you can take a look at the list below:

  • A can of tuna (172 grams) will yield 220 calories.
  • Three ounces of tuna (drained, canned, and white) will yield 115 calories.
  • Three ounces of tuna (chunk and white, in oil) will yield 245 calories.
  • Three ounces of tuna (chunk, light, and white) will yield 300 calories.

The calories of tuna salad will tend to be a little bit higher because of the presence of other ingredients such as whipped cream and some fruits and vegetables. You may also add mayonnaise. If you’re eating too many salads, and you want to make the tuna calories work for you, you need to choose your ingredients really well.

Tuna Calories and Tuna Nutrition

The tuna fish nutrition could be considered as one of the best that you can get out of your diet food. It’s basically loaded with everything that your body needs:

It’s rich with omega-3

This is a kind of fatty acid that can help maintain the good condition of your heart. Along with the tuna calories, omega-3 can correct any irregular rhythm of the heart. You will also likely suffer from a blood clot, especially in your arteries, that may cause your heart attack. Most of all, it will avoid the inflammation of the arteries and blood vessels because of such high level of cholesterol.

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It can regulate your cholesterol level

Tuna calories can also maintain a good level of cholesterol in your blood stream. Usually, the body generates triglycerides because of the food that you eat. This has the tendency to go overboard, and when it does, you are at high risk of developing cholesterol-related illnesses. Moreover, the tuna calories can also help get rid of stroke and diabetes.

It is very high in protein

For those who are in a low-carbs diet, they are advise to consume food that are very rich in protein. Tuna fish then becomes the most excellent choice. Besides the fact that tuna calories are needed so you can have energy and body fuel, the high protein will build stronger muscles and bones for you.

It supports women who are undergoing post-menopausal women

Aging can have a profound effect on the body, especially for the women. During menopause, their body doesn’t produce enough estrogen, a hormone that helps regulate mood and retains calcium in the bones. Hence, they always experience mood swings and may even develop osteoporosis. They are also prone to arthrosclerosis. The omega-3 fatty acids that you can get together with the tuna calories can lower the possibilities of acquiring illnesses when they are already older.

Nevertheless, it’s important for pregnant women to limit their tuna calories intake. This is because of the high presence of mercury on the fish. If they are taken in high doses or frequently, the mercury may cause some great damage into the newborn, which may include brain problems.