Total Calories in Lettuce

The total calories in lettuce can be estimated by taking a look at some of the most common facts available for lettuce nutrition. Apart from these facts about lettuce, you also need to take a look at the type of lettuce that you are considering. There are a few types of lettuce, like iceberg and romaine, and they all are associated with different amount of lettuce calories in them. Therefore, when you are estimating the calories in lettuce, make sure that you are checking the type of lettuce that you are considering. Other than that, the calories in lettuce do not make up for all the nutrition associated with lettuce. Some lettuce nutritional information has been supplied here for telling you about other benefits of having lettuce in your meals.

Approximate Lettuce Calories

The approximate lettuce calories can be found by taking a look at the weight of the lettuce that you are considering, along with the type. Let’s get started with the most common lettuce that is used these days, iceberg lettuce. The total calories in iceberg lettuce come out to be somewhere around 14. This number of calories in lettuce has been estimated by taking a single serving of lettuce, something that comes out to be about 100 grams. You can even take a look at a single cup of lettuce for checking the amount of calories in lettuce. It usually comes about 8 calories in a single cup of lettuce, around 60 grams. As compared to the romaine lettuce, the calories in iceberg lettuce are a bit lesser. In comparison, calories in romaine lettuce come out to be about 16. Although this is not a substantial difference, it can matter to people who are taking a weight loss diet comprising of lettuce and other green veggies.

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Lettuce Nutritional Information

Apart from the calories in lettuce, there are certain other facts which show quality lettuce nutritional information. Lettuce, like other green vegetables, has a high amount of water in it. Other than that, sodium, certain vitamins, carbohydrates and small amount of protein make up the nutrition of lettuce. Some other minerals are also included in the lettuce nutritional information available these days. Overall, lettuce comes out as a great option for people who want to lose weight as the calories in lettuce are quite low.

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