Top Plums Nutrition Facts You May not Know

Plums are a familiar fruit to all of us. You can find them in various colors and shapes. You can eat plums directly, make smoothies or add them to many other dishes. The fruits are not only delectable but also very nutritious. Consuming plums on a regular basis assists in overall health. It is because they contain a huge amount of nutrients, such as vitamin A, B, E, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. Below are some information about plums nutrition facts and health benefits you should know:

Boosting Digestive System – Plums Nutrition Facts

One of the first health benefits of plums is for your digestive system. They are packed with dietary fiber as well as other components such as isatin and sorbitol, which are helpful in maintaining the smooth performance of digestion. Many studies have found that consuming prunes or dried plums on a regular basis is even more effective other remedies in fighting digestive problems like constipation .Isatin and sorbitol present in plums have a laxative effect as well as stimulate the fluid secretion in the bowels and boots the efficiency of removing wastes and toxins through the colon.

Fighting Obesity – Plums Nutrition Facts

Another wonderful thing among various benefits of plums is their ability to combat obesity as well as various complication connected to obesity. It has been proven that an adequate intake of plums assists in treating metabolic syndrome, owing to the bioactive compounds found in plums. They are loaded of phenolic components and flavonoids like quercetin, anthocyanins, chlorogenic acids, and catechins have affect anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity impacts on various cells and the fat cells are among those cells. In addition, they contribute to eliminating obesity-related issues, namely diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol disorders.

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Reducing Osteoporosis – Plums Nutrition Facts

Plum health benefits also include decreasing osteoporosis. Many researches have shown that a proper intake of dried plums affects the actions of anti-resorptive and anabolic, which is powerful in keeping bones healthy. Furthermore, plums contain flavonoids like rutin and caffeic acidwhich are excellent in prohibiting bone tissue deterioration as well as eliminating bone-related problems notably osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women. Moreover, the dried fruits are rich in polyphenols and potassium, which stimulate bones formation, and improve bone density as well as countering bone loss, as a result of ovarian hormone deficiency. It has been proven that consuming dried plums regularly is useful in restoring bone density which is often lost when you get older.

Decreasing Cholesterol Levels – Plums Nutrition Facts

Another excellent health benefits of plums is the ability to reduce high cholesterol level. In the plums nutrition facts, there is a lot of soluble fiber which are helpful in lowering LDL cholesterol. Therefore, to have a better protection from high level of cholesterol, it is advisable that you eat plums on a regular basis.

Aiding Bone Health – Plums Nutrition Facts

In the plums nutrition, there are lots of potassium and polyphenols which are both essential for healthy bones because they are capable of improving bone density as well as eliminating bone loss. Potassium present in plums is excellent in protecting bones from becoming weak or fractures and breaks.

Promoting Heart Health – Plums Nutrition Facts

One of the most outstanding advantages of plums is to keep your heart healthy. They are jam-packed with antioxidant properties which are powerful in removing free radicals and preventing cholesterol oxidation, known as a threat to healthy blood vessels. This can result in various heart problems like high cholesterol or heart stroke. In addition, the high content of potassium present in plums is capable of keep the heart rate and the blood pressure under control.

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Preventing Cancer – Plums Nutrition Facts

Last but not least, eating plum can give you the prevention from cancer. They are abundant in vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, which is useful in fighting free radical formation, a cause of cancer. Furthermore, the richness of high fiber in plums can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

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