How Did Tomatoes Nutrition Facts Become the Best? Find Out

People use different methods to live a healthy life. Eating nutritious food is one of them. We all know that proper nutrition aids to a healthy body. This is because it is in food where people get the nutrients needed to function. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Let us discuss one particular plant though. Let us get to know more about the tomato. Here are some of the tomatoes nutrition facts.

How Did Tomatoes Nutrition Facts Become the Best? Find Out

One of the many incredible tomato nutrition facts is that studies consistently show that as one eats tomatoes more, the less likely the occurrence of cancer happens. Dr. Edward Giovannucci of Harvard Public Health said that it is very likely that it is due to lycopene, the substance that make the tomatoes red. Risks for cancer that is specifically targeted are that of cancer of the prostate, lungs and stomach. Moreover, it is said that processed tomatoes contain more lycopene. This because as one cooked the tomato, the cell walls have been broken down releasing the carotenoids. Processed tomatoes include canned tomatoes, ketchup and tomato sauce.

Tomatoes are also said to be rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C. This is needed by person because it helps increase one’s immune system and fight of diseases. Vitamin A, as many people know. This is needed for good eyesight.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants as well. Studies show that a person that eats tomatoes often has better oxidative cell levels. The toxins are also eliminate more if one eats a tomato. The increased release of toxins thus gives a better skin.

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Among the many tomatoes nutrition facts, one can say that eating this vegetable is highly beneficial. From cancer prevention to good skin, the health benefits of this simple vegetable are limitless. So start incorporating more tomatoes into your diet today!