Nutrition Facts Tomato Taboos You Should Break

Fruits and vegetables are the store house of vitamins. They nourish our body and keep it in a good condition. The humble tomato which is consumed the world over and is an essential part of diet in almost every country, is pack with innumerable nutrients. It is essential to know the nutrition facts tomato so that we do not take this vegetable for grant and consume it daily whether raw or cook. They are available in various other colors apart from red like yellow, pink orange and green. The sixes also vary from small round cherry size to the regular one.

Nutrition Facts Tomato Taboos  You Should Break

Many of us love the tomato for its bright red color and it’s amazing taste. It is an essential part of the curry which is made in the Asian countries.  It is also used in fast foods and salads. But very few of are aware of its health benefits. They are excellent source of antioxidants which prevent the free movement of radicals inside our body and thus prevent aging. These antioxidants also protect us from various life threatening diseases like cancer of the breast, lung, prostate, jaundice, urinary tract infections etc.

Lycopene, which is a flavonoid antioxidant, is present in tomatoes helps in fighting the free radicals. Many recent studies have proved that Lycopene is helpful in fighting numerous diseases. The flavonoids help in checking the oral cavity cancer and lung cancer. The good thing is that the antioxidants of the tomatoes are not lost when it is cook so you can enjoy it as you like, whether in salad or in curries or even in the canned form. They are pack with fiber too and are as good whether they are taken in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Vitamin A is also present in tomatoes nutrition facts and together with the antioxidants; it promotes healthy vision, bones and skin. They are also a good source of vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system of the body. Apart from vitamin A and Vitamin C , some B- Complex vitamins are also found in tomatoes like niacin, folates and thiamin and minerals like iron, manganese and calcium are present too in small quantities.

‘Zeaxanthin’ present in the tomatoes guards our eyes from age related diseases. Also, Potassium is found in tomatoes which negate the harmful effects of sodium on our body.

One more advantage of having tomatoes as a part of our daily diet is that they are very low on calories. Thus a person who is eager to lose weight can include tomatoes in his diet without any worries. They contain only eighteen calories per hundred grams. Also, they help in keeping the cholesterol levels in check and are particularly good for our heart.

It also acts as a cleansing agent by getting rid of the toxic compounds in the body.

So make use of these nutrition facts tomato so that you remain in the pink of health forever and feast on this amazing vegetable without having any guilt of putting on weight.