Tofu Benefits

Tofu is made from the curd of soya milk. It is white in color sometimes having an off-white appearance. The food is very popular in Japan and some parts of China. Tofu Benefits include stronger body strength and vitality.

Regions in Asia where Tofu is a staple food reports lesser incidents of heart attacks, a strong indicator that eating Tofu is good for heart health. The off-white food is rich in isoflavones that is known to resist cholesterol build up. Research has found that 30% reduction in cholesterol have been attained in patients that ere on a diet of Tofu. Other good heart related benefits of Tofu are lower triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help in resisting plaque buildup in the arteries. Your daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acid is met by one serving of Tofu. Omega acids not only provide help in reducing cholesterol but also prevent blood from clotting.

Tofu Benefits

Women can benefit from Tofu as they help in menopause hormone balance. The isoflavones found in Tofu act similar to estrogen hormones thus balancing any deficiency of these hormones during menopause. The tofu plant offers medicinal benefits during the pre-menopause phase. The low levels of estrogens lead to mood fluctuations and irritations. Tofu helps correct the imbalance by providing the right amount of isoflavones that can help body cope up with the lower levels of estrogens. Right level of estrogens also helps in preventing gynecological cancers, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and other potential health conditions.

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The food is a good for men as it is for women. It is found to protect to benefit men by keeping the prostate gland healthy. Isoflavones found in the food help to control prostate enlargement. It also protects the prostate from other diseases. Research has shown evidences that Tofu can help in slowing cancerous growth in the prostate gland.

Tofu Nutrition Facts

Tofu is rich in protein and anti-oxidants. Four servings of tofu can provide your daily requirement for iron. Proteinsa re the basic building blocks of muscles and strengthen your body. The food is also rich in iron. Fur servings of Tofu can provide you with one-third of your daily iron requirement. It also provides selenium, copper, and manganese and other micronutrients that your body requires. The anti-oxidants keep your body healthy and develop strong immunity. The food source is rich in calcium. You can get 10%of your daily requirement from one serving of Tofu. As compared to the other dairy products, it provides you with much less calories for the same percentage of calcium.

Many more Tofu Benefits are being found as research is going on to uncover the health advantages from this wonder food.

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