The Advantages of Using Nutiva Coconut Oil

Back in the day, it was believed that coconut oil was nothing but unhealthy. In fact, the media constantly sent out reports that tropical coconut oils were full of artery-clogging fats that were bad for one’s health. What they failed to mention, however, was that they were using hydrogenated coconut oil for all of these studies and not the kind of virgin oil that can now be seen in the likes of Nutiva coconut oil.

The Advantages of Using Nutiva Coconut Oil

Ever since 2006, the FDA has asked manufacturers to label their trans fats goods and because of this, the whole fat category has undergone reviews of their traditional assumptions. Now, coconut oil and help products are known to deliver nourishing good fats that are vital for a person’s health and this has made a ton of people question the old assumptions about tropical fats being good, zero fats being good, and the use of different vegetable oils in one’s diet, to name a few.

Yes, people know better now and know that hydrogenation is where the real problem lies, not in the actual coconut oil. Unfortunately, hydrogenated canola, soy and corn oils are still being added to various packaged foods and they are therefore still filled with toxic trans fats and hexane solvents, all of which are currently linked to heart disease.

On the flip side, though, baby formulas usually have coconut oil in them because it is considered very healthy nowadays. In fact, Nutiva coconut oil, for example, is full of the good kinds of fats that doctors usually recommend. Plus, it is completely free of trans fats and cholesterol to boot.

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Fats on Nutiva Coconut Oil

One of the many good fats that you will be able to find in Nutiva coconut oil would be lauric acid, a rare fatty acid that can also be seen in mother’s milk. Apparently, lauric acid now proves to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral affects that can help protect one’s health. As a matter of fact, several researchers in today’s day and age predict that this acid will soon become very popular in various health circles, similar to the way Omega-3 is today because of them.

So, in a nutshell, while studies seem to show various disadvantages to consuming a lot of omega-6 vegetable oils, the complete opposite seems to be going for products like Nutiva coconut oil. It would actually be highly advisable to consume at least three tablespoons of this product every day, if possible.

Overall, aside from its nutritional value, Nutiva coconut oil also serves to be a soothing and luscious body oil and massage for both damaged or dry skin. How great is that?

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