How Hollywood Got Sugarcane Nutrition Facts All Wrong

Sugar, also known as glucose, comes in many different ways: honey, agave nectar, high fructose corn syrup are just a few. Sugar cane or refined sugar, is undoubtedly the most popular sweetener known to consumers. The small white granules come in small boxes or packages are ubiquitous. These crystals are overused taste in American food and contribute to many health problems.

Sugarcane Nutrition Facts


Sugarcane nutrition facts, according to contains 16 calories per teaspoon. To put this figure in perspective, consider this: each can of Coke contains about 10 teaspoons 9. The caloric content of all many sugary drinks sugar. It was devised having the same reaction of health as sugar cane. A large Frappuccino Starbucks candy contains 21 grams of sugar, equivalent to 5 teaspoons, about 75 calories. OR.


Sugar does not contain nutrients other than the average glucose sugar molecules half sucrose. Sugar is devoid of minerals, fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients as antioxidants. One of the biggest criticisms that have sugarcane nutrition facts in the diet is high calorie nutrients for small change.

Health Effects

Because sugar is nutritionally barren but rich in calories, sugarcane nutrition facts is harmful to health. Sugar is essential in the diet, but sugarcane elicitation differently than natural sugar body. Foods with natural sugars, such as fruits, provide the body with extra vitamins to support digestion. As explained in the book, “Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach”, refined sugar causes the body to deplete its sources of vitamins and minerals in order to promote the process of digestion.

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Refined sugar also affects levels of blood sugar differently than foods with natural sugars manner. In fruits, fiber slows the release of sugars so the body does not experience a sudden collapse. In addition, due to refined sugars have no fiber, drink a drink high in refined sugars with little more will make the body experiences a sharp rise and then a fall in energy levels. This inability to handle such fluctuations in blood sugar levels along with excess weight is a major culprit in type 2 diabetes In this case, the body needs insulin injections to manage the surge of sugar hits the bloodstream .

Weight gain

Many studies have found a strong relationship between consumption of refined sugar and weight gain. cites an experiment of University of Cincinnati showed that rats put in significant pounds when given sugar water. The article indicates that sugarcane nutrition facts identical causes increased weight gain weight of high fructose corn syrup.


A teaspoon. sugar in your morning coffee will not cause excessive weight gain and type 2 diabetes However, be aware of sugar content in all foods, not only sugar cane. The nutrition facts label of foods indicate grams of sugar per serving. Although it will not indicate whether the sugar or natural sugar is refined. It must contain the element of some other nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals, limit consumption of this food. These foods are usually sweets, drinks (sweetened teas included). Even apparently healthy foods such as yogurt can contain many grams of refined sugar.