Successfully Juggling Remote Work and Childcare

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Being able to work from home is a blessing for so many parents of small children. For one, they’re able to save the cost of full-time daycare. And they don’t have to scramble for a babysitter at the last minute when their children are ill and can’t go to nursery.

Plus, it’s just nicer being at home with your children. You’re able to spend time bonding with your child instead of sitting in your car during the rush-hour commute. You can have breakfast and lunch together and hear them laughing from across the room.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also come with some major challenges. Nothing worth having comes for free and there is definitely a price to pay for all those nice things. But with some planning and forethought, it’s possible to make this a happy and stress-free arrangement for everyone.

Create a Schedule

Having a routine helps you and your child, too. Children feel better and happier when they’re on a schedule. Try to schedule work tasks that need quiet or concentration when they’re napping or quietly occupied with an activity. Don’t schedule anything around your child’s meal time or just before they need a nap. That’s the time they’re most likely to be cranky and needy.

Plan your children’s activities around work time schedules. For instance, if you have a meeting scheduled for, say, 3 pm, try and spend the thirty minutes before that with your child so they’ll be more apt to leave you alone while you’re busy.

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Take Advantage of Tech

There are sites offering online tours that can become at-home field trips, like exhibits and museum tours. There are also many different live animal feeds where your children can watch animals in their natural or preservational habitats. A lot of zoos have cameras right in the main parts of their animal enclosures so your child can feel they are right there at the zoo seeing the animals in real-time.

As long as you know your child is being properly looked after by a sitter in your home, put on some noise-canceling headphones. This can really help you to focus when your child is playing or crying.

Calendar apps can help keep everyone in the loop about your work schedule. as well as your child’s medical appointments. You, your spouse or partner, and your sitter can all be on the same page.

Be Comfortable, Look Stylish

If you’re nursing, then you’ll want to be sure you’re both comfortable and able to nurse with ease. Invest in a set of nursing bras that are both soft and supportive. You may consider this brand of nursing bras. They combine the comfort you deserve with the versatility you need.

And a bra that can double as both a nursing and hands-free pumping bra is an excellent way to pump while performing tasks on your computer.

Look for clothes that allow you to nurse, but that will still give you the style you’ll want as a professional. There are cute nursing tops, comfortable stretchy leggings, and cardigans that keep you video conference ready.

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Advance Your Education

You may want to use this time to further your education, too. With the availability of online classes, you can get your degree or become certified in a skill all from your home computer. You’ll be able to study and progress at your own pace and on your own schedule. And the best part is, many online courses allow you to complete your studies in less time than in-person classes.


And finally, don’t forget to make time for yourself. Self-care is important, especially when you’re juggling so many responsibilities.

Look into programs like yoga and Tai Chi which combine exercise with relaxation. You’ll find apps on your phone for things like mindfulness and meditation that don’t require any special equipment; just a quiet, distraction-free spot.

Taking care of your health with a proper diet is essential for the energy you need in your busy life. Check out Nutrition Facts. It’s a website dedicated to everything related to nutrition. And it is far more than a nutrition facts informational website; it is also a community. The website allows you to interact with like-minded people and share your passion for nutrition!

Remote working with children at home can be challenging to be sure. But following a few simple steps like those listed here, it’s more than possible to balance your work and home life.