The High And Low Ends For Subway Sandwich Nutritional Information

There are more fast food restaurants offering meals made with healthier ingredients. Subway has maintained the healthy ingredients of their sandwiches for quite some time. They do offer a variety of fresh meats and vegetables as well as different types of bread so people can choose products with lower calories. The subway sandwich nutritional information will depend on what ingredients are used to create each specific sandwich. The Subway nutritional facts values for the basic menu items can be found on the Internet. People who need to watch their caloric or fat intake should check on the nutritional values before choosing their sandwich.

Turkey Subway Sandwich Nutritional Information

Turkey is often use by people looking to reduce their fat intake because the white meat portion contains very little fat. The six inch turkey breast subway sandwich nutritional information from Subway nutrition facts contains a total of two hundred and eighty calories, of which thirty-two are from fat. Their oven roasted chicken breast is slightly higher at three hundred and ten calories with forty-five coming from fat. The chicken teriyaki is an alternative in flavor that increases the overall caloric intake slightly at three hundred and seventy. Of course, these amounts will increase if the individual adds a beverage and chips to their meal.

Tuna Subway Sandwich Nutritional Information

People often think tuna is a low calorie food, but this fish is usually prepared with other ingredients added to it, which often increase the total. The cold tuna sandwich from subway sandwich nutritional information actually contains five hundred and thirty calories. The really astonishing part is that two hundred and seventy-nine of them are from fat. This item would be something most people would think was healthy, when in fact it contains a high amount of fat. In contrast their veggie delight has a caloric count of only two hundred. And thirty which is about the lowest one available. The amount from fat is only twenty-seven.

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Among some of the higher counts are the Italian bmt at four hundred and fifty. And the meatball marina at five hundred and sixty. Another surprise menu item is their roast beef. Which actually comes in at only two hundred and ninety with forty-five of the calories from fat. This particular fast food place also offers additional condiments and ingredients people. They can use to enhance a menu item or create their own item from scratch. The individual cheeses, meats and vegetables will all have their own caloric amounts. This subway sandwich nutritional information which will add to the total of the subway bread chosen to use.

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