Some Subway Nutritional Facts Of Interest To Dieters

When it comes to dieting, a lot of people try to stay away from fast food restaurants. Because they believe the food is high in calories and fats. There are actually a number of places that offer several low calorie menu items. Subway has several salads on its menu, which are extremely low in calories. Anyone interested in find out the subway nutritional facts can do a simple search online. There are sites that not only provide the basic calorie information about subway nutrition facts. But also include the nutrients contained within the prepared items.

Subway Nutritional Facts Menu Contain

Subway nutritional facts on orchard chicken salad contains three hundred and seventy calories. Seventy of these are from fat, with only one point five grams being saturated fats. This salad contains twenty percent of the daily amount of iron, with thirty percent for calcium. Their six inch Philly cheese steak has thirty percent of the recommended daily amount of iron and fifty percent of the calcium. Most hot sandwiches on subway nutritional facts fall in the ten to twenty range for vitamins A and C. With the exception of the meatball marinara which has forty percent vitamin A and forty-five for vitamin C. This subway nutritional facts sandwich also has forty-five percent for calcium.

Subway Nutritional Facts Menu For Special Diet People

People on special diets could also be interest in the sodium content of restaurant foods. Subway nutritional facts also provides this information to the general public for all of their ready made items. Their six inch feast has the greatest amount of sodium at two thousand six hundred and ten milligrams. Several of their chicken sandwiches as well as their steak. And cheese items contain more than one thousand milligrams of sodium. Their veggie delight contains the lowest amount at three hundred and ten milligrams. Subway nutritional facts orchard chicken salad is next with a low count of five hundred and sixty. The totals can increase by almost double the amount when foot long sandwiches on subway nutritional facts are purchase instead of the six inch sizes.

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Watch Out Cholesterol Contain on Subway Nutritional Facts

Another concern people have is the amount of cholesterol contain in food. This subway nutritional facts information is also provided by Subway and will increase with the increased size of a sandwich. People can also find the nutritional values for their breakfast menu items which include several egg products. An egg and cheese muffin on subway nutritional facts contains one hundred and fifteen milligrams of cholesterol. Their flatbread melt with sausage, egg white and cheese is much lower at only twenty-five milligrams. While subway nutritional facts six inch omelet made with egg white and cheese has only ten milligrams.

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