Subway Nutrion Facts About Vitamin D And Calcium

Here are some interesting Subway nutrion facts about the fast-growing US food franchise called Subway Restaurants. The bread now contains calcium and Vitamin D, both of which strengthen bones. Two Subway nutrion facts regarding the bread is that a six-inch serving will give you 30 percent of your daily requirement of calcium, and 20 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin D.

Subway Nutrion Facts Educate Us About Calcium Necessity

Almost 100 percent of your supply of calcium goes to your teeth and bones. If you don’t get enough of it, bones become weak and you are in danger of developing osteoporosis. These are proven Subway nutrion facts. Calcium is especially essential for children and adolescents. Subway nutrion facts tell us that the calcium we consume during our growing years influences the strength of our bones for the rest of our lives.

Subway nutrion facts also tell us that we start losing calcium as we get older. Therefore, we need to supplement our diets. Take the following Subway nutrion facts as guidelines for supplementation. Adults should have 1000 mg a day. Children between the ages of 9 and 18 need 1300 mg a day. Men over the age of 70 and women over the age of 50 should have 1200 mg a day.

Subway Nutrion Facts Vitamin D

Let’s move on to Subway nutrion facts about vitamin D. This is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies manufacture it when we are exposed to sunlight. Being in the sun for about 15 minutes, three times a week, will give you enough Vitamin D, according to Subway nutrion facts. People who live in climates that lack sunshine definitely need to take a supplement.

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If you are out in the hot sun for long periods of time, you obviously have to wear sunscreen. This prevents the body from making the vitamin so, to meet your daily requirement, you may have to take a supplement and eat foods with a high content of this vitamin. These are very important Subway nutrion facts.

Subway Nutrion Facts Tell Us Which Food is Rich With Calcium and Vitamin D

Now, let’s look at the Subway nutrion facts that tell us what foods are rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Starting with calcium, include 3 or 4 servings of any of the following foods. One cup of soy, lactose-free, fat-free, or low-fat milk; one cup of pure orange juice; 6 ounces of fat-free or low-fat yogurt; or one-and-a-half ounces of low-fat cheese.

There are other foods rich in calcium. You can choose 3 or 4 servings per day. Eat 3-5 ounces of salmon, sardines, tuna, or mackerel (from tins so that you get the bones as well). Other options, as recommended by Subway nutrion facts, include three-quarters of a cup of firm tofu (must contain calcium sulphate), one cup of cooked spinach, or a cup of fortified cereal.

Finally, here are the Subway nutrion facts about foods rich in this vitamin. You can choose 2 or 3 servings of these in a day. Fatty fish like mackerel, tuna, sardines, or salmon; a tablespoon of unrefined cod liver oil; mushrooms that have been grown in the sun; one egg; or three-and-a-half ounces of cooked liver or beef. If you follow the advice in this article, you will get sufficient calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

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