Subway Breakfast Nutrition

The Subway chain of fast food restaurants claims that it a healthy alternative as compared to other restaurants that serve fast food. In April 2010, the menu for chain of restaurants underwent a change wherein breakfast was also include, in addition to the usual offerings of salads and sandwiches. It is important for all individuals to understand the Subway nutritional value of the Subway sandwiches, especially the Subway breakfast nutrition, so as to be able to inculcate them in the daily diet.

The Breakfast Menu at Subway

The breakfast menu at Subway offers four different types of sandwiches. One can choose from the available options, i.e., egg muffins, egg white omelet sandwiches, egg white muffins, and egg omelet sandwiches. Each of these varieties of sandwiches can be chosen to be availed in seven different forms. They are available as Egg and cheese, Breakfast BMT, sunrise Subway melt, Black forest ham, cheese and egg, Double bacon, cheese and egg, Steak, cheese and egg, and Western egg and cheese.

The Subway Breakfast Nutrition

The fats and cholesterol content of the subway breakfast nutrition is discussed below:

  • ¬†The egg white omelets and the egg white muffins have the lowest content of cholesterol and fats. The egg white omelets provide around 18 g of fat in the BMT while the Western egg white and cheese has about 9 g of fat. Along with saturated fat that ranges between 3 g and 7 g. The egg white muffins contain 3.5 g to about 8 g of fat. Along with saturated fat ranging from 1g to 3 g.
  • The sandwiches made of whole egg comparatively contain a lot more fat content. Due to the presence of egg yolk in them. The whole egg omelets contain fat ranging from 18 g to 28 g. Along with 7 g to 11 g of saturated fat. On the other hand, the whole egg muffins have a fat content that falls between 7 g and 11 g. Along with a saturated fat content ranging from 2 g to 4 g.
  • The egg white omelets as well as muffins come with only 5 mg to 25 mg of cholesterol. While the whole egg omelet sandwiches come with above 200 mg of cholesterol. The whole egg muffin sandwiches contain comparatively lower cholesterol content of about 95 mg and above.
  • One must note that as per the recommendations of various doctors and nutritionists. The daily intake of cholesterol should be limited to below 300 mg.
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The carbohydrate, calorie and protein content of the subway breakfast nutrition  is discussed below:

  • The carbohydrates content in the muffin sandwiches is about 18 g to 20 g per serving. On the other hand the

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