Healthy And Low-Calorie Subway Bread Nutrition

The US-based Subway Bread is the second leading fast-food franchise in the world market offering a variety of salads, wraps and submarine sandwiches. The chain has more than 35,000 outlets located in 98 countries worldwide. Some of the international locations include Amsterdam, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Singapore, India, United Kingdom, Ireland etc. The franchise operated by Doctor’s Associates is well-known for its healthy menu and diet plan for weight loss. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, and low sodium content in its food products enabling customers to make a nutritious choice. Besides this, the menu card also holds information on the nutritional content of each item including calories, servings, Trans/saturated fat, protein, total fat, dietary fiber, iron, calcium etc. The various kinds of Subway bread nutrition include:

Subway Bread Nutrition : Regular Sandwich Bread

Regular sandwich Subway Bread nutrition, these are available in 12 and 6-inch sizes come in nine different varieties. The range include Italian cheese and herbs, 9-grain wheat, white Italian, Parmesan organ, sourdough, roasted garlic, honey oat breads and several more. Among these, the honey oat and 9-grain wheat is considered the healthiest options as the other types is essentially baked using cheese such as Provolone, American, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepperjack etc. The whole-wheat bread available at Subway Bread nutrition is fully process to enhance energy-levels to a large extent.

Subway Bread Nutrition: Flatbread

Additionally, there is flatbread Subway Bread nutrition which is highly nutritious and comprises of 220 calories. This Subway Bread nutrition is cholesterol free and has only 0.5 grams of saturated fat. The key ingredients include enriched wheat flour, folic acid, soybean oil, salt, sugar, wheat gluten, baking powder, corn starch, non-fat dry milk, malted barley, water etc. For the benefit of health-conscious customers the flatbreads Subway Bread nutrition is serve with several wholesome toppings such as oven-roasted chicken, sweet-onion teriyaki, turkey breast, veggie delite, roast beef, ham devoid of cheese etc. Likewise guests hold the option to customize the sandwiches as per own taste and preferences.

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Subway Bread Nutrition For Kids

On the other hand, minibreads is a perfect choice for kids or individuals who prefer to eat smaller size sandwiches. This Subway Bread nutrition is available in 4-inch sizes and holds about 130-140 calories. Further it is sold in wheat and Italian varieties. Fortified bread measuring 6-inch in size is one of the recent introductions to the menu. It holds good content of calcium and vitamin D. This Fortified Subway Bread nutrition offers nutritional value equivalent to a glass of milk. Making it an ideal pick for both children and individuals with osteoporosis or skin deficiency problems. It can thus be regard that Subway bread nutrition is not only healthy but also an affordable choice for calorie-conscious individuals.

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