Why No One Talks About Strawberry Nutrition Facts Anymore

Have you ever thought about strawberry nutrition facts while you are eating one? For your information strawberry is the most popular berries you may ever know. Strawberry originally coming from Europe, but it is cultivated all over the world nowadays. Strawberry become tremendously popular since 18th century.

Each strawberry has conical shape, 25 grams in weight and 3 cm in the diameter. The taste of strawberry nutrition facts is various from fairly sweet to acidic. This fruit turn red when they are mature featuring with its tiny and yellow color seeds. Strawberry come from berries family including blackberry, blueberry and many more.

Strawberry Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Not only fresh, strawberry nutrition facts contains with a lot of important nutrition facts for your body. By consuming one serving of strawberry per day can improve our heart health, lowering cancer risk and blood pressure. Strawberry contains the potassium that allow to help maintain your blood pressure. If you are on a diet by eating strawberry nutrition facts will help you achieve slimmer body.

The vitamin C inside strawberry nutrition facts help you to prevent arthritis. The phytonutrient content in a strawberry that allow you to lower cancer and heart disease risk. Strawberry also contains vitamin E which is good for our skin health. It also contain copper to produce more red blood cells.

Strawberry nutrition facts also contain the manganese which maintains the production of the antioxidant enzyme. The iron content within strawberry help to improve blood cell. The fluoride inside help to strengthen your teeth.

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Health Benefits of Strawberry Nutrition Facts

With its rich content strawberries of course contain a lots of health benefit for our body. Strawberry nutrition facts enriched with high vitamin C due to help improving our health. These following health benefits of strawberry may impress you.  Let’s find out!

  1. Strawberry nutrition facts is claimed to have low calories and fats. It helps you to promote the phytonutrient, vitamins and minerals which are important for our health.

  2. Strawberry nutrition facts are rich of vitamin C which can be used for the antioxidant. Consuming vitamin C can prevent infectious agents, inflammations and free radicals.

  3. Strawberry contain vitamin A and E promote flavonoid, lutein, beta-carotene and antioxidant. Strawberry nutrition facts acts like protective forager which plays role in anti aging.

  4. The strawberry nutrition facts content of B complex which can help to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates inside our body.

  5. Strawberry nutrition facts contains potassium, fluorine, iron, iodine, manganese and copper. Potassium help to control blood pressure and heart rate. The copper that help to produce red blood cells. Manganese is produce antioxidant enzyme. The iron that helps to produce the formation of red blood cells. The fluoride prevents dental carries.

Have you find out the nutrition above. By consuming strawberry nutrition facts at least one serving per day that can help to maintain your health. To make it healthier, you should eat it raw or another option is make it as a juice. Strawberry juice is also healthy.

Strawberry is rich with antioxidant to prevent free radical to your body. It also fit properly if you take on a diet. Diet method by consuming strawberry can reduce your hunger to achieve your dream body shape. Strawberry nutrition facts within the strawberry is very useful for your health.

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