Strawberry Nutrition Insights

The strawberry is a fruit and it belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants. Because of its rich Vitamin C content, the ripe strawberry fruit are an appropriate food supplement for spring fever and scurvy, rheumatism, tuberculosis and others. Strawberry nutrition has a diaphoretic action, with its potassium it enhances the activity of your heart muscle and the respiratory organs, acts favorably on diseases of the mouth and throat, strengthens the teeth and gives a fresh skin tone.

Strawberry Nutrition Facts

When referring to strawberry nutrition, it is advisable to eat the fruit on an empty stomach before other meals, and in that way they better quench the thirst, refresh you and boost your appetite.

Ever since the time of the ancient Romans strawberry nutrition was attribute with miraculous healing properties. Despite the fact that they were not bread. According to the Romans strawberries relieve the symptoms of melancholy, they help prevent seizures, inflammation of different character and high temperature, also help for symptoms of kidney stones and blood poisoning, liver and gallbladder.

Strawberry Nutritional Values

Strawberry nutrition facts provides you with sugars (6.5-11%), including: fructose (3.6-3.8%), glucose (1.3-1.6%), sucrose (1.6-2.7%). It has been shown that fructose and glucose rapidly decompose in the body. So that strawberries do not increase cholesterol levels  and their consumption in large quantities. It does not lead to getting fatter, making the fruit useful for people on weight loss diets of athletes when they are in a period of clearing of fat.

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The combination of glucose and fructose you get with strawberry nutrition with a minimal amount of sucrose makes it very beneficial, especially for the elderly people.

For this reason strawberries are recommend for patients with diabetes of medium severity. Where the fruits of strawberry do not cause adverse effects.

With strawberry nutrition you also get a large amount of vitamin P (50-200 mg /%), whose value in the dark red varieties reaches 250-500 mg /%. In deficiency of vitamin P in the body may occur malaise. The muscle pain in the legs and pinpoint hemorrhages on the skin. The combination of vitamin P, vitamin C and calcium strengthens blood vessel walls and prevents capillary bleeding.

Strawberry nutrition are also rich in minerals: potassium (130-160 mg /%), phosphorus (20-30 mg /%), calcium (26-30 mg /%). This makes them useful food for people of all ages, especially for adolescents and pregnant women. Potassium salts you consume with strawberry nutrition  improve the heart function. They support the release of excess fluids and act preventively against water retention.

Organic acids obtained with strawberry nutrition: citric, malic, salicylic, oxalic and improve the metabolism in the body and facilitate digestion. Strawberries

It is also contain significant amounts of folic acid. Which supports pregnancy, reduces depression, improves mental performance and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In a small cup of strawberry nutrition the folic acid is 100 times more than that in an apple nutrition facts.


Strawberry fruits are considerably rich in pectic substances and are thus useful for lazy bowel. Constipation and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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It is known that some people have strong allergic reaction to strawberry nutrition. It can be lightened to some extent. If the strawberries are combine with yogurt, honey or sugar. But is better in this case to accept smaller quantities of this fruit.

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