Some Ideas You Can Steal from Starbucks Nutrition Facts

A delicious array of coffee beverages often beckons commuters and others needing their caffeine fix to stop in on a regular basis. Once there, it’s hard to avoid the temptation of grabbing a delicious-looking snack, too. Unless you keep track of Starbucks nutrition facts, one coffee beverage and a snack can quickly add up to a lot of calories. But the popular coffee place offers more than sugar-filled cakes and pastries to eat as well as calorie-filled beverages.

You can eat and drink more healthfully if you learn what to order from the Starbucks nutrition facts menu to get the most healthy. Go Tall Thier beverages come in three different sizes– tall, grande and venti. In a super-size nation it’s tempting to get the largest size or venti, regardless of calories because bigger is better, right? Not necessarily. A tall Coffee Frappacino is half the calories of its venti-sized counterpart. The same holds true for most all of Starbucks nutrition facts beverages.

Starbucks Nutrition Facts : Nonfat, Sugar-Free

Most coffee and non-coffee beverages can be made with nonfat milk and sugar-free flavorings. The beauty of ordering at Starbucks nutrition facts is ability to order a beverage tailored to your nutrition needs. They offer “Skinny” versions of their beverages which greatly reduce calorie content.

Skip the Extras and Add in Some Health on Starbucks Nutrition Facts

When ordering your beverage, you’re likely to be ask if you want whipped cream, caramel drizzled over the top or a sprinkle of chocolate savings. Since Starbucks nutrition facts beverages are already pack with flavor, you can skip these extras to shave off some calories. That squirt of whipped cream on top contains 100 calories and a lot of sugar.

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Protein Over Pastry on Starbucks Nutrition Facts

Pastries, cakes and breads fill the bakery case at Starbucks nutrition facts but there are other more nutrition-filled choices on the menu. Choose an egg wrap or frittata for a protein-packed meal that helps you jumpstart your energy in the morning.

Choose Salad on Starbucks Nutrition Facts

Although there are a variety of sandwiches to choose from at lunch time on Starbucks nutrition facts,they make a few salads that provide a healthier option. Choose a light dressing or add your own at home to avoid extra calories from full fat dressings.

The relaxing atmosphere at Starbucks nutrition facts makes it a great place to work, relax or catch up with friends. If going there is a frequent occurrence, make wise choices to avoid packing on the pounds. By keeping these tips in mind, you can eat and drink more healthfully at your favorite coffee place.