What Everyone Is Saying About Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

Soy milk nutrition facts make people love drinking this kind of milk every day. This fact motivates the growing of soy milk home industries. Fresh soy milk packages are produce and deliver to soy milk lovers every day. Even, it is not only available in original taste but also in different taste such as chocolate soy milk and strawberry soy milk. Of course, the flavors increase people’s motivation to drink soy milk.

For them who want to be more certain about the freshness of the soy milk can even make a glass of soy milk at home. Indeed, this plant milk is produced simply by using a special machine for making soy milk. The process is starting by selecting the best dried soybean. Then, it is soak for a while. After that, it is ground in water.

Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

What does Soy Milk Nutrition Facts contain?

The soy milk is process carefully so that it can give delicious taste to drink. The addition of some flavors like chocolate make it tastes more delicious. Besides, there are some soy milk nutrition facts that are good for our health. It is rich of protein that is as much as the protein in cow milk.

Also, soy milk nutrition facts has good nutrients value so that it can substitute any animal protein, as well as some sources of vitamin, fiber, and minerals. Though it only has little calcium that is digestible, the producers usually add some extra calcium carbonate.

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Soy Milk Nutrition Facts Vs. Cow Milk

Also, soy milk nutrition facts is better than cow milk because it has non-cholesterol fat and only a little amount of saturated fat. Soy milk is even the best solution to replace breast milk for children that are lactose intolerant. It is because of the fact that soy milk does not have galactose so that there will not be any process of lactose break down.

Soy milk nutrition facts has sucrose, which can be broken down into fructose and glucose. For a glass of soy milk, we can get 2.86 grams protein, 1.61 grams fat, and 1.74 carbohydrates.

Which one is Better, soy milk nutrition facts or cow milk?

In order to state whether soy milk nutrition facts is better than cow milk and vice versa, we should refer to different considerations. The first consideration is related to the availability. Both of them can be gain in our surroundings.

Cows as the source for processing cow milk are the products from some cow farms. Similarly, soy beans that are the source for making soy milk nutrition facts are gain from soy fields.

These two sources of milk can be manage by people. However, it is easier to produce soybeans than to raise cows because raising cows need longer time and wider land. By considering this reason, soy milk nutrition facts is better than cow milk. Second, we have to consider the nutrients that the milk can give to our body.

Does Everyone Can Consume Soy Milk Nutrition Facts?

As discussed before, both cow milk and soy milk nutrition facts are rich of proteins. It means that both of them are good to consume and to replace each other.

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However, for children with lactose intolerant problem, soy milk will be better to consume. In conclusion, it is better for us to consume soy milk every day because of the soy milk nutrition facts.

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