Soy Milk Vs Cow Milk

Milk has been a part of culture and has completed people daily menu for decades. Milks are produced from various ingredients too, such as soybean, coconut and also cow husbandry. Now, let’s talk about soy milk vs cow milk. In fact, the milk which is made of soybeans rise in popularity, thus a lot of people start to debate about the better one between those products.

Absolutely, the basic difference is about the source. Soy milk comes from plant and cow milk comes from animal. The deeper consideration will tend to deal with the nutritional facts. For years, cow milk becomes the main part of dairy product (which is an icon of billion dollar industry) and undeniably much more popular than soy milk. As the time goes by, both milks are equally popular among the customers on the market. Here are the comparisons for you

Vitamin A

Both milks contain vitamin A but in different level. In fact, soy milk offers the higher content of vitamin A than the cow milk. Commonly, vitamin a will be put into the dairy products just before they are sent out to the super market, while the vitamin A in soy juice is naturally available (although in quite small amount).


If you talk about fats in milk, you cannot leave saturated fat. This is claimed to be the major factor of heart disease and also the artery blockage. Surprisingly, cow milk provides saturated fat nine times higher than the soy milk does. On the other hand, you will find the soy juice as the winner when dealing with the content of fatty acids. This kind of milk contains ten times fatty acids if compared to cow milk. Please keep in mind that fatty acid transports and absorbs some vitamins all over the body.

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Soy Milk Vs Cow Milk: The Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is really frightening especially for those who are above 30 years old. When people reach their thirties, they should start to be careful in dealing with food intake. The risks of suffering from serious diseases increase dramatically and thus they must control the cholesterol level. The dairy products contain much higher cholesterol than the soy milk/soy milk. Soy milk is free of cholesterol, while cow milk provides 34 mg of cholesterol in a serving.

What is the worst effect of cholesterol? The experts claim it to be the harmful substance which will clog the arteries and cause some serious diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. However, 34mg is really small if you compare it to the fast food joints. Further, soy milk will lower your LDL (bad cholesterol), while cow milk will increase it significantly.


The riboflavin of soy milk versus cow milk is an interesting topic to talk about. Soy juice offers 60% less riboflavin than the cow milk and other dairy products do. In this case, riboflavin can be found in other healthy foods too, for examples whole grains, nuts, seeds and also green veggies. Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is really essential for the formation of antibody and red blood cell.

The Cancer Fighters

Which one is better in fighting the cancers, the soy milk vs cow milk? Perhaps, you will feel surprise with the benefits of two servings of soy milk in daily life. It can reduce the risks of prostate cancer up to 70%. Recently, prostate cancer attacks a lot of men all over the world, thus you can start avoiding this detrimental disease by drinking two servings of soy juice now.

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The comparisons above have told you about the facts behind soy milk vs cow milk. It’s time to start and live your healthy life, it’s time to choose the right milk!

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