Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

A type of milk popularly called by various names such as soy juice and soybean milk, Soy milk is created from soybeans and it’s one of the most famous soy product. Soy milk is created from constant & solid emulsion of oil, water and protein. The milk is by means of grinding the dry beans soaked in water. Soy products in general give exceptional nutritional benefits to your body. Simply describing soy milk nutrition facts is the same as saying the nutritional facts of cow milk. By knowing more information about soy milk is very useful to you and everyone who drinks this type of milk regularly.

Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

This milk has plenty of proteins and carbohydrates, which are both important for you to have a healthy body. Furthermore, it is low in fat and saturated fats. Aside from that, soy milk is pretty rich in pytochemicals. This milk is primarily used as another option from regular milk. One of the most popular soy milk nutrition facts is it’s great for people who are lactose intolerant. This is the main reason why there is a high level of production of soy milk because it does not have lactose. No lactose simply means that there are no complex fats present on the drink, which also pertains not containing any cholesterol.

Such milk do not consist the same number of fats compared to animal milk, gets easily digested and you do not have to get worried about saturated fats. This low-fat containing meal is perfect for those who are trying to maintain or lose weight. Furthermore, soy milk consists of raffinose & stachyose, which can boost metabolism and detoxify your body.

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Other soy milk nutrition facts that you should know is the great amounts of Vitamin B1, B2 and A that you can find in this milk, aside from proteins and carbohydrates. Since soybeans have the greatest number of proteins along with other legumes, it also consists of greater number of milk proteins. According to research studies, drinking twenty-five percent of soy milk per day can outstandingly reduce the possibility of acquiring heart diseases. You can also ensure that your brain is developing efficiently because of the omega-3 fat that is present in soy milk.

Nevertheless, you must also have more knowledge on the dangers of taking or drinking too much soy milk. Excessive intake may lead to leukemia, diabetes, and breast cancer. You must always drink wisely.

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