Soy Milk Estrogen : The Secrets Behind Delicacy of Soy Milk

Soy milk is only one of a lot of soy food products which brings a lot of benefits for people health in many countries all over the world. In US alone, it has been the integral part of people diet. Some experts even say that the soy milk is included in the list of healthy drinks. Recently, the debate focuses on soy milk estrogen, which discuss about the truth whether soy milk contains Soy Milk Estrogen and the effects on human health.

The claim about estrogen is actually based on the content of isoflavones. The researchers find the great benefits on such substances and this is the important element of soy products. So, the isoflavones can be considered as the estrogen in soy milk. The estrogen level has made some people feel worry, especially for those who consume it regularly.

The Facts about Soy Milk Estrogen

If you belong to people who consume soy milk regularly, it is time for you to understand about the estrogen facts now. The first fact refers to the result of some researches which were conducted to find the relation of estrogen content and breast cancer prevention. Some experts still cannot find the adequate evidence which support correlation between those things.

In some particular studies, the soy isoflavones were proven to be able to prevent the prostate cancer, but it remains the inconsistent results. Therefore, we cannot fully claim about the benefits of isoflavones for human health. The benefits may work for someone, but not always for everyone. Since everyone has the different condition, the benefits or the harms of taking particular substances will vary widely too.

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Apart from soy milk estrogen issues, the experts haven’t found any adverse effects of soy products to children. It means that children can take the soy based products regularly, as long as the parents serve those products in appropriate amount. However, people should keep in mind about the nutrition facts of soy milk which is absolutely different from the nutrition facts of cow milk.

The Controversy of Genistein

When a lot of people assume isoflaven as the estrogen of soy milk, the controversy about isoflavone genistein becomes the hot issue in many discussions. The isoflavone genistein is believed as the harmful substance which increases the risks of breast cancer for some people. It is affirmed by the fact that the genistain can activate the estrogen receptor cells in tissues.

The controversy of soy milk estrogen will be happened when people contrast or compare it to the study and research which was conducted in University of Illinois. The experts did the experiments by using female rats and examine the possible effects of genistein hormone on them. The study remains with the conclusion about mammary cancer risks. According to the experts, the risks of such cancer can be reduced successfully before puberty.

However, the soy milk estrogen issues remain the long discussions for people who wish to include soy milk in their diet program. The dietitians claim soy milk as the good product to be included in someone’s regular diet program, as long as they consume soy milk in the whole form. If you want to do the same thing, it is better to meet your doctor firstly to make sure that your choice is right. The right diet program will bring the good results instead of putting yourself at risks.

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