Soy Milk Dangers: Myth and Fact

Soy milk comes to the market with some controversies related to its danger, although the benefits of such liquid have been discussed by many nutritionists after doing some researches and further studies. If you wish to find the opinions and truths about soy juice/milk, it’s time to find the answers and finally prove whether the myths about soy milk dangers are true or not.

Before you talk further about the dangers of soy juice/soy milk, you need to keep in mind that such non-dairy beverage contains calcium, vitamins and also some other nutrients. However, it remains some questions among people especially about the content of nutrients if compared to other milks, including cow’s milk and almond milk.

Soy Milk Dangers: Myth and Fact

Myth #1

The first myth about soy milk refers to the idea that it is less healthy than cow’s milk. Based on some researches, soy milk brings some healthy benefits through its high content of proteins, isoflavon and vitamin B. It contains extremely low saturated fat and zero cholesterol too. Thus it is sometimes claimed as the healthier beverage than cow’s milk.

Myth #2

The next myth refers to the basic ingredient of soy milk itself, which is called soybean. Soy milk is claimed as dangerous beverage because the soybean itself is an allergen. This next myth about soy milk dangers is not true, since the harm and allergen effects will only be got by those who are allergic to it. In this case, such condition will not affect or bring certain impact toward the overall product’s safety.

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Myth #3

Soy milk contains the harmful and detrimental nutrients for human health. This myth is not completely wrong, since soy milk contains phytic acid, the substance which reduces the absorption of minerals, especially iron. But, such disadvantage is not really detrimental actually. The researches do not find any proofs that the long-term consumption of soy milk can endanger human health and even destruct the mineral balance.

Myth #4

Another myth about soy milk dangers refers to its safety for pregnant women. If you are expecting a baby now, is it all right for you to drink soy milk regularly? Some people feel doubt to consume it during their pregnancy, but the absence of scientific evidence about soy milk dangers toward pregnancy should not make you feel worry and doubt to drink it besides another kind of milk you usually drink to fulfill the needs of important nutrition.

Myth #5

Now, the myth or the issue about soy milk dangers regarding cancer risks. It has been widely debated that soybean can increase the cancer risks. Thus all of soybean based products will bring the similar effects too. Once again, such myth is still a myth, because some researchers have found the conclusion. That soy milk does not trigger any cancer. On the other hand, such healthy beverage reduces the risks of prostate and breast cancer quite significantly.

Myth #6

What about the soy milk dangers toward immune system? The myth about detrimental effects of soy milk toward someone’s immune system is basically rooted in the experiments. Which involve rodents who got the change of in their immune systems after being exposed to soy milk in extremely high quantities. In fact, the human studies have proven soy milk as the great beverage to increase human’s immune system.

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After knowing some unproven myths about soy milk above. There is no reason for feeling doubt of drinking such healthy and beneficial liquids.

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