Soy Milk Calories : Important Thing that You Should Know

If you have involved soy milk into our daily menu and start to drink such beverage regularly, there are actually some essential things you ought to know firstly. In this case, one of the essential aspects refers to nutrition fact. The level of soy milk calories and some other important substances will show you whether you should continue the consumption or not.

In general, soy milk offers some important substances such as proteins and carbohydrates. Fortunately, the fats level of such liquid is quite low and thus does not trigger overweight problem.

Anyway, the level of calories in soy milk is determined by the process of making soy milk itself. In fact, people can enjoy soy milk by buying the instant one on the market or even trying out the homemade one. The homemade version comes with two different options of machine to choose: the particular soy milk machine and also the basic kitchen tools.

The Exact Amount of Calories

When you wish to find the exact amount of soy milk calories, there should be a particular type and amount to determine, thus you would have found the precise result. Now, we use 250 ml plain soy milk (homemade) as the sample. Inside 250 ml soy milk, you can find 90 calories which comes together with highly saturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids.

The interesting news about such beverage is about very low content of cholesterol if compared to cow’s milk. No wonder, soy milk has been added into the daily menu for people who are applying the diet program. Soy milk does not contribute the increase of body fat, since it is not dairy or animal based product which commonly provides people with high level of detrimental saturated fats.

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The low level of calories are followed by the extremely high protein which in even bigger and better than the proteins provided by the other types of milks and also poultry. Besides, the low amount of calories is accompanied by presence of complex carbohydrates to support someone’s diabetic diet. For people who live with cancer, heart diseases or even osteoporosis, soy milk plays an important role to reduce their body’s vulnerability toward those detrimental diseases.

The Ideal Intake of Soy Milk

It is time to think about the ideal intake of soy milk in a day. Absolutely, the need of every individual is not the same with someone else due to the different health condition. Some people probably require more soy milk calories, while others should avoid it. The common recommended serving in a day is half a cup which is taken for breakfast, together with cereal.

Such amount of intake will fulfill the requirement of ideal calories (from plant based products) in a day. The important point to remember is about the freshness of soy milk itself. It is highly recommended to take the fresh one for better benefits instead of drinking the instant one from the market. Definitely, it is also based on the fact that instant soy milk provides much higher calories than the fresh or homemade one.

Apart from the truth about soy milk calories, some people claim such healthy liquid as the beverage with plain and even vague taste. As the time goes by, some manufacturers who produce such milk start to apply new processing techniques and add some additional substances to come up with more delicious taste. However, people should be careful of such products, since the chemicals are not always good for their health.

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