Facts About Sonic Nutrition Facts That Will Impress Your Friends

It is interesting to know about sonic nutrition facts for most people seems to think that fast food has only fat and sugar content. In fact, there are some other contents which you should know to help you calculating your calories consumption. So, when you have to eat some fast food, especially sonic.

Sonic Nutrition Facts

Sonic Nutrition Facts drive in

As one of popular in the United States which is founded in Oklahoma, Sonic Corp has been one of fast food which is chosen by the American, especially for their breakfast. Indeed this fast food restaurant serves some menu like burger, french fries, toast, onion rings, corn dogs and chilli hotdogs. Sonic nutrition facts includes soft drinks, milk shakes, sundaes, ice cream, banana splits.

For you who have super busy schedule or have to go work very early, get some meal in. However, you have to choose the menu carefully. It is not only because it is fast food, but also because of its nutrition facts contents. You absolutely have to balance your menu to maintain your health and your weight. Knowing sonic nutrition facts will be great to make you easier to maintain your diet.

Sonic Nutrition Facts Menu you have to know

You need to eat fast food for your breakfast, what do you have? According to Sonic nutrition facts information, if you have Sonic breakfast like ham egg then you will get 460 calories for one sandwich. While if you have Sonic breakfast sausage you will get higher calories. It is around 590 calories with 40 gram of fat, 37 gram of carbohydrate and 23 gram protein.

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The Highest Calories Menu Based on Sonic Nutrition Facts

The highest calories contents is the super Sonic cheese burger which is served with mustard. This Sonic nutrition facts menu has 890 calories including 53 gram of fat, 57 gram of carbs and 46 gram of protein. It is better for you to choose the breakfast menu which will support your body to produce energy before you have lunch. But you also have to consider Sonic nutrition facts its high calories which has no enough vitamin and mineral. You must eat an apple or banana to fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs.

The Lower Calories Menu Based on Sonic Nutrition Facts

If you want to get lower calories on Sonic nutrition facts for your meal, you can choose grilled chicken on ciabatta. With has 340 calories including 12 gram of fat, 32 gram of carbs and 27 gram of protein. To lower your calories consumption you just need to choose the smaller portion of those grilled chicken. If you choose any bacon or burrito Sonic nutrition facts will give you about 470 calories for each portion including carbohydrate, protein, and fats.

Things You Should Consider About Sonic Nutrition Facts

By knowing these sonic nutrition facts, you must notice that all menu has only carbohydrate, protein, and fats contents. In this case you have to balance your daily menu by eating healthy meal like slow cooking food like chicken, beef, and fish and more fruits and vegetables.

You must not consume too much soft drinks or any high sugar content drink if you eat these fast food. For high sugar will make the nutrition consumption unbalance. Based on sonic nutrition facts you must drink a lot of water to maintain your body metabolism.