Facts about SONIC Nutrition Information

The facts about SONIC nutrition information cannot be ignored, especially when you love to gorge on the quality SONIC menu. Fortunately, people at SONIC have made sure that they make the best sandwiches which are high on the nutritional content. To cater to calorie conscious people that love SONIC sandwiches and menu items. The company has made sure that complete information about SONIC nutrition is available to the masses. We have gathered the information on their most common menu items and have collated it here. To ensure that you have a good idea about the complete SONIC nutrition information.

SONIC Nutrition Information Value

According to the data that is available with us, the SONIC nutrition information value is pretty high. And you can easily find sandwiches that would be low on calories and high on nutritional content. Let’s take a look at some examples of SONIC nutrition facts that can be seen in the regular SONIC food menu. A grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bun is something that is preferred by many. While the addition of mayo can accrue the total amount of calories. The sandwich without mayo can be quite high on SONIC nutrition information. The total amount of calories for this sandwich come out to be somewhere around 270. The other SONIC nutritional facts related to this sandwich detail the total amount of carbohydrates as 50gm and 27gm of proteins.

Moving to another common part of the SONIC nutrition information food menu, you have the regular cheeseburger. Considering the cheeseburger without mayo, you have the total amount of SONIC calories as somewhere around 800. Further, the amount of proteins and carbohydrates is approximately 40gms and 55gms, respectively. You can see that the overall calorie count is high here. But that does not sacrifice the complete SONIC nutrition information.

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SONIC Nutrition Information Chart

If you are an avid fan of the SONIC fast food chain. You would be better off with a complete SONIC nutrition information chart. A complete SONIC nutrition information chart would give you all the details about your favorite food items. And would describe the overall nutrient content in the SONIC food menu. So, if you love the SONIC sandwiches and meals. It is essential that you keep a tab on the complete SONIC nutrition information and facts related to it.