How the Sequester Affects Silk Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

While there can be no true replacement to a glass of milk, Silk Soy Milk comes quite close to achieving that feat. Developed by a thriving company named Dean Foods, it has stood the test of time and still remains one of the beverages of choice by people who yearn for a delicious yet tasty drink (including certain professional athletes). There are plenty of reasons why Silk Soy Milk is held in such high regard, and its silk soy milk nutrition facts speak volumes.

Silk Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

First and foremost, Silk Soy Milk is a dairy free product. This is to ensure that even people who are unfortunate enough to be allergic to dairy products are able to get their share of essential nutrients. It also contains absolutely no derivatives found in animals, so even vegans are able to get their daily dose without fear of going against their oaths. And true to all types of silk soy milk nutrition facts, there is indeed still a great amount of calcium in Silk Soy Milk, containing upwards to twenty percent of the required calcium intake per day in only an eight ounce bottle.

Aside from this it also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which take care of your heart. It uses cane juice, an unrefined sugar in order to sweeten the drink without its health benefits taking a blow. Add that to its high amount of vitamin B12 among other vitamins and this is as complete as milk nutrition facts can get.

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Of course, it is not without its own setbacks. The chocolate Silk Soy Milk for instance contains a small amount of caffeine, and a cup contains around a hundred calories, so you will need to watch how much you drink. All in all however, its pros outweigh the cons and the silk soy milk nutrition facts are proof enough that it is also a very healthy alternative to milk.

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