Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts and Its Health Benefits

Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. Being famous for the delectable strong aroma, sesame oil is often added to cooking or salads. Besides its awesome flavor and taste, sesame oil is widely used for its various medical benefits, due to its high content in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. Below is some background information about sesame oil nutrition facts and health benefits you should know:

Boosting Bone Health – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

It is undeniable that benefits of sesame oil are numerous, and one of the best advantages is for your bone. The oil is rich in essential minerals, especially calcium, zinc and copper, which are all beneficial for bone formation and growth. Thus, an adequate consumption of sesame oil daily is ideal to accelerate bone growth and quicken healing process. This results in the significant reduction of osteoporosis risk as well as other relating issues.

Benefiting Skin – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

Another awesome advantage adding to sesame oil health benefits is the ability to promoting skin texture. The high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities present in the oil is essential for smooth and supple skin. Using sesame oil on a regular basis is helpful for dry skin and boosting regenerating of healthy skin. In addition, the potent anti-aging properties content in sesame oil is regarded as a natural SPF.

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Improving Heart Health – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

It would be very incomplete if we don’t mention this excellence of sesame oil. Sesame oil is one of the richest sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids, notably sesamin and sesamol, which are powerful in preventing heart issues and maintaining cardiovascular system. Moreover, a proper intake of the oil is suggested to lower high cholesterol, which helps keep atherosclerosis at bay. Gradually, you will be less likely to suffer strokes or heart attacks.

Combating Stress and Depression – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

In sesame oil nutrition facts, there are loaded of an amino acid called tyrosine. This amino acid directly links with serotonin performance. Serotonin is a crucial hormone which is associated with appetite, mood and sleep. A lack of this hormone is the main cause of depression and stress. That’s why you need to consume serotonin rich foods to boost the generating of serotonin, which takes part in reducing stress and depression. In this case, sesame oil is one of the best choices for you.

Eliminating Cancer – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

Additionally, sesame oil gives you a good prevention from various types of cancer. The high density of phytate, an organic compound in sesame oil, contributes to decreasing cancer and tumors growth. Plus, the potent magnesium and calcium content found in the oil is capable of lowering the risk of colorectal cancer.

Controlling Cholesterol Level – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

Sesame oil is a rich source of healthy fatty acids, which play vital role in decreasing LDL cholesterol as well as keeping HDL cholesterol up. It has been proven that high level of HDL cholesterol boosts overall health, and particularly heart health.

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Aiding Oral Health – Sesame Oil Nutrition Facts

We all know that oil pulling is a wonderful booster for dental health. It is highly recommended that you consume 1 tablespoon of oil on an empty stomach and hold it in your mouth for about 15 minutes to clear out toxins out of the mouth.

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