Ways Your Mother Lied to You About Salmon Nutrition Facts

For people who love fish, among many others salmon is a real treat for them. Apart from the fact that it is an extremely tasty fish. It is highly nutritious as presence of omega 3 acid. Makes it a perfect medicine for heart, bones, joints and brain. So it is one fish with multifarious values that people can try to gain proper nutrition.

Variety of fishes:

This fish found in a variety such as Atlantic salmon, Pink salmon, Sockeye salmon, Chum salmon, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon. All these varieties are extremely useful in regards to nutrition and hence can be said to be better than each other. Thus, one can clearly derive that salmon nutritional facts is available in every form of salmon, thereby making it one of the most commercial and expensive fishes around the world.

Types available:

This fish is generally available in fresh, frozen and canned form. In all its form, nutrition factor remains same, though fresh salmon definitely provides greatest food value. It is to be note that while salmon is being canned, certain preservatives are added to it which enhance value of this fish. It is also available in medicinal form via tablets, which are made of oil of this fish especially for gaining power. They are mostly used by athletes and body builders.

Salmon Nutritional facts:

Nutrition from salmon, helps in preventing very many diseases in our body and also help protect us against certain other infections. Be it consume directly or through some other means as by salmon capsules, or canned form, its nutrient value remains quite the same.

  • Total fat present in its cooked form is around 22 grams, while cholesterol is 112 milligram.
  • Protein is around 39 grams with negligible amount of carbohydrate.
  • There are a number of Vitamins present which include A, C, D, E, K AND B12 types. All these are extremely essential for growth of body.
  • There are a variety of minerals present in every serving of salmon which include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and fluoride. Thus, all these minerals are gain as part of salmon nutrition facts.
  • Apart from these there are a series of other ingredients which are added to make salmon a better nutritious product.
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Health Benefits of Salmon

  • This contain omega 3 fatty acids. They are good for functioning of heart, since scientifically speaking every person should have fish with high oil content twice a week. This fish is extremely beneficial in that regard.
  • Since, this fish spends part of its life in fresh water and yet is available in sea water at times, hence they tend to have good olfactory features. Hence it is call brain food.
  • Farm raised salmons have more calories and fatty acids, hence their flavors tend to be milder.
  • This fish is good for cancer patients, and it has special nutrition value required by them.
  • Salmon contains bio-active protein molecules, known as bio-active peptides. This is very beneficial for control of inflammation in joints and osteoporosis patients. Thus this is an excellent source of salmon nutrition.

Concluding words:

Salmon, though an expensive fish is extremely good for health. One should be very sure of the kind of salmon one is consuming but one should definitely consume it. Since it is proven fact that salmon nutritional is better than many other nutritious products.