Why Mom Was Right About Leafy Green Salad Nutrition Facts

Salad nutrition facts especially for leafy green salad contain so many nutrients facts that are useful for keeping health. Leafy green salad such as lettuce, spinach and etc contain vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, beta carotene, calcium, phytonutrients and many others.

This kind of salad nutrition facts is also very good for people who are in diet. It is because salad green doesn’t have cholesterol and it has low calories and sodium. The most important supply of salad green is phytonutrients. This is because it has high nutritious that are useful for support health.

Salad nutrition facts also contains antioxidants that are good for preventing the serious disease, such as cancer. Lettuce as the green vegetable that mostly used as salad nutrition facts can give you seven calories in each cup of serving. If you want to eat big portion of lettuce, it doesn’t matter for you who are in diet because it has low calories. You can eat mush of lettuce without worrying your weight.

Salad Nutrition Facts and the Health Benefits

Usually lettuce is served with the other kind of vegetables. And it is commonly used as garnish. If you want to get the benefits for your health by consuming leafy green salad nutrition facts, you can provide some salad greens at your home. So that you can make it every time you want it.

But, you have also to pay attention in the way you save them so that you will not lose the benefits of the salad nutrition facts because of the wrong way of storage. These are some tips for you.

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First tip to storage salad nutrition facts

When you shop many kinds of products at groceries, you should choose the salad greens that are fresh and packed in plastic bags. It is because the one who are in the plastic bag will not mix with the other products. Remember, that you should carefully choose the fresh one to get good salad nutrition facts.

After you get it, you have to directly save it in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F. You also can’t save it in the long time. It is better to directly consume salad nutrition facts.

Second tip to storage salad nutrition facts

If you want to make salad nutrition facts, you have to make sure that your hands are already clean. You have to wash your hands first before making salads. You also have to clean the cutting board first.

Sometimes, people just take the cutting board without clean it again. After that, if you want to wash the lettuce, you should use the running water to wash it over each leave of the lettuce green salad nutrition facts.

Because it is difficult to clean each part of the lettuce green salad nutrition facts. It is better for you to separate each leave then put them in the bowel with cold water for some minutes. So that the dirt that is in the leaves will go. It is good to use bowl instead of using sink.

The tips for saving the leafy greens that will be use for salad is very important to do. It is because those tips are the way to not lose the benefits that is got from the salad nutrition facts.