How Safe are Children With Turmeric Consumption?

Turmeric in the form of powder is commonly use in Indian cuisine to add color and taste to the dish. In ancient India it was mostly use as a clothes dye because of its strong yellow color. Even till this very day turmeric consumption is use during auspicious ceremonies and festivals as it symbolizes godliness.

Apart from just using it for food and other things turmeric consumption has medicinal values to it. If you browse through the web and look for information pertaining to turmeric you will be amaze to find the cures. This almost never heard of herb can do. Majority of the population in American have not yet heard about this wonder cure.

Turmeric Consumption

Turmeric comes from the ginger family hence the similar look but turmeric is less fibrous and is chewable unlike ginger. Turmeric is the root of the Curcuma Longa plant that is vastly grown in Asia, especially in this one particular city called Erode in the state of Tamil Nadu which is in southern India.

Adults can safely consume turmeric supplements but when it comes to children turmeric consumption must take precaution and must consult with the child’s pediatrician before starting any doses but otherwise the minimal consumption of turmeric in foods will not harm a child.

Like in adults children with serious illnesses should not be given turmeric supplements because there are high chances of turmeric interfering with the drugs prescribed to cure their illness.

The pharmaceutical companies in the U.S have been trying to make FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to change the classification of turmeric from spice to drug. So that they can manufacture it. And sell it to the American public as a drug. But unfortunately FDA has disapproved of this approach as they believe. Turmeric was a spice for thousands of years and should remain as a spice. If FDA did happen to change the classification then this would have been a turning point in American history. As turmeric has the most potential cure for many diseases particularly all kinds of cancers. Maybe children with numerous birth defects could have been prevent with the use of the turmeric drug.

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