Rice Milk Vs Soy Milk

Milk is always associated with dairy product which is taken from cow, although there are some other white creamy liquids and those are called as milk too such as rice milk and soy milk. Have you recognized their nutrition values? Now, we will talk further about rice milk vs soy milk to let you know some important facts which differentiate both liquids.

The rice milk and soy milk are non-dairy products and these automatically don’t contain lactose. In fact, some people are allergic to lactose and they start consuming those milks as alternative (together with almond milk and few other examples).

The Differences

If we talk about the differences between soy milk and rice milk, the easiest point to differentiate is probably about the process of making. Soy milk is derived from the soaked soybeans which are boiled before consumed. Some people even filter it before they drink it.

The rice milk, on the other hand, is derived from rice through special pressing process. In this case, rice milk is commonly thinner than soy milk. On the market, soy milk comes in two major types: the sweetened as well as the unsweetened versions. The rice milk does too, but the unsweetened version is much more popular than the sweetened one.

When it comes to talk about allergy, soy products can possibly bring bad side effects for those who are allergic to any soy products. In fact, the same problem is very rarely happened in rise milk consumptions. That becomes the important note when we talk about rice milk vs soy milk.

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The Nutrition Values

Definitely, you cannot miss the nutrition value comparison. In general, soy milk is more nutritious than rice milk. What makes them similar is the zero content of fat and cholesterol. But, rice milk bring very small amount of protein and it is much lower if compared to soy milk.

Fortunately, rice milk is rich in calcium and vitamins. Since such kind of milk cannot bring the good fulfilment of milk for daily need, you need to accompany the rice milk intake with cow’s milk. Anyway, both are not good for babies, therefore you should not make those milks to substitute the dairy milk or even breast milk. This will be really important thing to remember especially if your babies are under two years old.

For people who have high cholesterol level, the position of rice milk vs soy milk is the same, since both liquid have the good ability to lower cholesterol level. If you are someone with high cholesterol too, it is better to consume such milk once a day. But, rice milk should be avoided if you follow low carb diet. It is absolutely clear that rice milk is very rich in carbohydrate, hence you should be careful with such milk if you wish to reduce your weight by reducing the daily intake of carbo-foods.

The less nutrients in rice milk, however, have been completed by a lot of commercial brands who fortify their instant rice milk products with some vitamins (such as A, D, B complex), calcium and iron. It is done to enhance the benefits of rice milk itself. The key point of consuming any milk and getting the benefits from such white creamy liquid is actually about the nutrition fact and consider about your need and condition.

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So, that’s all about Rice Milk Vs Soy Milk!

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