Revealing the Papaya Nutrition Facts

Papaya is a nutritious fruit which offers a lot of benefits when consumed regularly, thus the papaya nutrition facts are all you need to know when you wish to include this fruit into your diet too. This fruit is originally from Central America and Mexico, but it is now has been widely known and consumed by a lot of people all around the world. Surely, the amount of nutrient will be determined by a lot of factors, including the size and also the location where the papaya is grown. The following guide about papaya nutrition value will tell you in details about the content of major substances and also the benefits of those substances for your health.

Papaya Nutrition Facts

There are some essential nutrients in a slice of papaya and the most significant ones are such as Vitamin A, C and also potassium. In every slice of papaya, there are 55 calories, 14g carbohydrate, 4mg sodium, 3g dietary fiber and also 8g sugar and 1g protein. Surely, it contains zero saturated fat and zero cholesterol. Besides, a slice of papaya contains 31% vitamin A, 100% vitamin C, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, niacin, beta-carotene and vitamin B6. These papaya nutrition facts show that you can take a slice of papaya everyday into your diet menu, thus you can fulfil the needs of vitamin, potassium and also dietary fiber. Also, papaya contains vitamin E which content is four times more than apples and oranges.

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Papaya Consumption

People in a lot of countries have the different ideas and habits on consuming papaya. In fact, the consumption of papaya is commonly done to aid the digestion system. Papaya is a great source of papain, the natural digestive aid which has good ability to cleanse your digestive track. No wonder, there are more and more people include papaya into their diet program after knowing the papaya nutrition facts. Consuming papaya everyday is not a big problem too, since this fruit is quite cheap and easy to get. On the market, a papaya is sold in carious sizes, from seven to twenty inches long and also from one to twenty pounds.

The Major Benefits for Health

The benefits of papa fruits have been very popular since ancient times. The easily digested nature makes papaya becomes the most favorite options for dieters. Based on some researches, papaya is a good anti-inflammatory fruit. So, papaya is great to reduce the inflammation because of some diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and also osteoarthritis. More about papaya nutrition facts, the good level of fiber in papaya will be great for removing the toxins in the colon which can possibly cause colon cancer. In this case, the toxins are release through the bowel movements.

The antioxidants in papaya are very beneficial to protect you against heart disease. Surely, the antioxidants will prevent the cholesterol oxidation process which causes strokes and heart attacks. Two cups of papaya everyday will be the ideal intake to get this benefit. Especially for women, papaya has good benefits to deal with menstrual irregularities too. If you get menstrual irregularities too, the unripe papaya juice is all you need to take. In short, the papaya nutrition facts above have shown you about the benefits you can possibly get when you take (even) a slice of papaya everyday.

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